Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leading with my chin

TEA PARTY FOR 1 (part one):

I wanted to go to some Tea Parties today, but I can't afford it. Instead, I'm having a Tea Party for one. Perhaps that's appropriate, as I imagine myself as if I'm channeling Henry David Thoreau. A majority of one. Too gas-poor to make a more-public stand, but standing as in opposition, nonetheless.

I'm not trying to set myself up as some martyr, or poster-child, but I've had it. Too much government. Too much intrusion. Too much dependence on those of us who actually produce, by those who refuse to carry their own weight. I'm shrugging. I'm quitting. And I'm firing you assholes who keep pretending to possess authority over more and more and more of my life. Although I can't very well run you out of the country, I can stop paying my portion of your salary and retirement plans and various perks.

If the federal government wants to waive the age restriction and position my armed discourteousness in front of the bad guys in the desert, then they can get that cooperation out of me, unhesitatingly. But, for all things financial, I have gone John Galt.

My fledgeling business would be going gangbusters if the economy hadn't been smashed by the policies of taxation against the people who produce, as a measure of "spreading (unearned) wealth" to the deadbeats. Let me say that another way. In order to perpetuate and magnify the dependent welfare state, our governments (federal and state) have strangled the life and hope out those men who literally are the engine of the world. Once the yoke of taxation became so overburdening for the men who build and create and dream, those men just quit pulling. It is those men and their visions that my business serves.

Put yet another way, for those readers who've never quite understood the economics of supply and demand: If you give someone something without their having earned it, implying that their "plight" justifies that gift, then that person has no incentive to ever earn it. If you take away the promise of fortune from that man who dreams and builds on the grander scale, and pretend that rich is evil, you water down his incentive to produce and even to dream. And you are left with a culture of mediocrity. The weaklings are propped up, socially and economically, in the interest of fostering their collective self-esteem, at the expense of those who otherwise would be great. Boiled down to this equation, I cannot fathom how this holds any appeal, except to those choose to be those leeches and blame others for their perceived misfortune.

So, that leaves me, and those people like me, in a position very similar to that of the fictional John Galt. There being no incentive to build, I will not build. I do not yield the fruits of my mind and the product of my hands to the great undeserving collective. My rewards will not be taxed, so that some loser can feel less shame about his self-inflicted predicament. And I refuse to particpate, any longer, toward the intrusion further and deeper into my life. In lieu of filing a report to inform the state as to how much I earned and how I earned it and what I spent it on and how many dogs and cats and kids and possessions I have and where and how much I contributed charitably and every other various nuance of my life, I submit this instead:

As I read on a number of other blogs, there is a movement afoot to brand dissenters as subversive. This would be the logical "next step" for a government yearning toward a state of Fascism: label those in disagreement as socially dangerous and move to disarm and silence them. By the definitions I've read, I would certainly fall into the category of subversive, maybe even violently non-conforming. But, as in every fight I've ever been in (and I've been in a lot) I've always stuck my big snout in there and dared the biggest and meanest to take their best shot.

I haven't lost a scrap in over 30 years. 58 and 0! Here I am, cocksuckers! Leading with my chin...


  1. jeff thank you. that was incredible! i linked to this on my blog -- hope you don't mind. :)

  2. Jeff thanks so much for inviting me. Awesome!!! I live the music too. Im going to read the rest of your threads, thanks again.

  3. Thanks Kate & Rope. I love y'all this much (arms spread wide).

  4. A very charming post. I'm glad you've "gone Galt." Some real gems in here:

    "If the federal government wants to waive the age restriction and position my armed discourteousness in front of the bad guys in the desert, then they can get that cooperation out of me, unhesitatingly."

    Blackwater, I believe, is hiring. And I don't think they have an age restriction.

    Go for it! Give you a chance to be the real hero that you just know you could be if people would only give you the chance!

    ...Or you could just hang a teabag from your baseball cap and pretend...

  5. What is it about the moonbat brigade that makes them presume that their advice carries a thimbleful of value to real Americans? What delusions of relevance stoke their collective need to be heard and followed? Idiots like this are the scourge on our country, and his(?) presence here is only tolerated insomuch as an opportunity (albeit temporarily) to perhaps actually learn something. The queers and potheads and wealth-envying socialists and entitlement whores have no regard for the corrosive effects their schemes have made on our Republic, but their time to scurry about on the kitchen floor ends when the lights come on.

    "...Or you could just hang a teabag from your baseball cap and pretend..."

    Precisely correct dipshit, that is if I were the "pretending" sort. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that, instead of signing up with blackwater, I could choose to exterminate some of America's enemies right here at home.

    Like Kate, I am open to constructive discourse. Unlike her, however, I have a very low threshhold for tolerating the emboldened public ignorance of the panty-waisted numbnuts like the Dude Carriage.

    While we're on the subject of advice-giving, consider Rudyard Kipling, "He who rides the tiger, finds it difficult to dismount."

    In other words, swim at your own risk, cocksucker.