Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Been Ever Where Man

Everywhere that is.

Had to go to Flarda for some Train-ing, and had some vittles at a place.  Flarda is very hot.  Don't believe me?

Then, I drove very nervously through Georgia.  Why was I nervous?

Because there are signs everywhere that tell you "Seatbelts Must Be Worn" and I figgered mine looked too new.  My advice to you, if you're travelling to Georgia, scuff up your seatbelts before you leave so you won't be in violation.

Wonder what the penalty is for having "too-new" seatbelts.

In Sow Care-line, there's also signs that warn you of "Reduced Speed Ahead".  How can they know?

Mysteries of the universe.

Also in SC, if you look hard enough (or if you just happen to be hangin a turkey-neck in the right spot), you might see some Cypress Knees.  I'd never heard of them.  This is what they look like.

If you're a developer, you might not like seeing these things on the property you've invested in, because their presence almost certainly means there's a cypress tree nearby.  And cypress trees are a tree-hugger's wet dream, because the presence of cypress tree's define (at least in part, or so I'm told) an area as a wetland.

Damn tree-huggers.

I'm getting back on the road this aft'noon.  I'm gonna be hammer-down and boiling out some black diesel pollution into your otherwise pristine environment whilst listening to some mighty good pickin and sangin...

That Eddy sure could play.

If you see my "NOBAMA" sticker, flip me the one-finger salute.  I don't mind offending a good number of you folks.