Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spike This

Listen through to Scott Ott's closing statement, and you'll get the 1-year anniversary speech that should have been. Or, I could say WOULD have been if the Obfuscator-In-Chief had even the faintest idea of how to be a Commander.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From The Densest Of These

I used to listen to Boortz frequently, and I even had a link to his program in the sidebar of this Blog for a while.  And I had a fairly high regard for his opinions, for the most part.  But, he alienated me a few years ago when I heard him suggest that gays are "born that way."  And not only did he adhere strictly to that notion, but he also made it clear that he felt anyone who didn't subscribe to that nonsense was a bigot of the highest order.

Well, I do not subscribe to that idiocy, and so just tuned him thenceforward, out.

This morning, after reading the results of yesterday's voting in the Old North State (happily, I might add), I caught a brief blurb by the self-proclaimed "talkmaster" that he equated those who voted FOR the North Carolina Constitutional Amendment defining the State's only recognition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, with an endorsement of Obama.  I didn't hear the prelude to what he said, but he reiterated that those hicks in North Carolina that have voted against homosexuals are somehow simultaneously endorsing Obama.

I might have stuck around after his commercial break to see how he twisted that into something resembling actual logic, but thought better of the idea when he said, "My God, you people are dense!"

Call me colloquial if you like, but dense?  You've got some nerve there, foureyes.

North Carolinians voted to A) embrace Federalism, B) de-fang activist judges, and C) thumb their noses at the Occupier-In-Chief's presumed influence on American culture.  Yes, we knew he'd be pandering to that segment of his base in short order.

Methinks it isn't my density that is at issue, but your personal agenda.  There are those of us who realize that the whole point of the "gay rights" crusade is only an attempt to legitimize their perversions.

I agree with at least one of my fellow NC bloggers who said that the State can not tell him (or you or me) who we can marry, and that if he (or you, but not me) wants to marry a goat, or a person of the same sex, or an imaginary friend, it's nobody else's business in the whole wide world.

But asking (or insisting) that I recognize that union as somehow equated to marriage as I would define it?  Uh, no.

I quietly supported the Amendment and encouraged those who I care about to do likewise.  Not to shoo the faggots to those places where they're more welcome (New York & California come to mind), although that's a welcome side-effect, but more to be on the right side of a law well-written.  I don't want more laws, and North Carolina already had a "gay marriage ban" on the books, but this was an opportunity to say "This is how we'll define it" in defiance to the creeping perversion that Boortz doesn't seem to mind.  Or perhaps, that he prefers.

Yes, it's a black day in the Tar Heel State for queers, and not the smallest coincidence for their bedfellows, also.

In unrelated burps, and no particular order...

I thought it particularly entertaining that a current federal inmate and convicted felon got more support on the Democrat ballot in West Virginia than did the Corruptocrat-In-Chief.

Idea for a bumper sticker...TRAYVON MARTIN: DEAD CRIMINAL

George Zimmerman: Non-victim, would be another good one.

How about the mug on this guy, known as Bandit?