Friday, August 17, 2012

I Think We're Gonna Win, Too, Bill

If you're like me (and who doesn't at least want to be, right?) you love the freedom to boldly lean your shoulder into a task that you know with your heart of hearts is the right thing to do.  Everyone's feelings be damned.

That's the way I feel about Gov. Romney's pick of Paul Ryan.  To me, it's Romney saying to the voting public, "You folks justifiably had your reservations regarding my committment to lead from the Right.  I've had to be a politician as Governor of Massachusetts, in the past.  But as President, this country will need an actual leader who's unafraid of getting his nose bloodied.  And the scrapper I'll have backing me up is this guy..."

Watch this video.  Is there anyone out there that makes you punch the air and say "YES!" anymore than Bill Whittle?  I loves me some Afterburner...

On a related note, think about the upcoming election from the businessman's perspective.  Small businessman, that me...

The American spirit is out there poised like a spring.  We're ready to go.  We're ready to spend money and sweat.  We did build that, with our own money and our hard work.  The only shackles we know of (can you hear me Joe Biden?) are those that government devises.

And it is time, right now, to begin owning the recovery.  Any good economic news you hear reported out there, henceforward, is directly attributable to the positive outlook business has for our near future beyond this November.

Again, if you hear a report of Company X is hiring 45 new employees, it's because of their enthusiasm that those corruptocrats are about to be shown the door.