Friday, December 21, 2012


On Friday October 26, I was trout fishing and got a call with an offer of two tickets at face value for the UNC/NCSU game the next day in Chapel Hill.  I'll forever recount my good fortune that I didn't hesitate to claim them.  I couldn't find anyone on short notice to come with me, and didn't even make an effort to sell one outside Kenan, but when I got there I just spread my countenance over both seats and cheered hard enough for two people.

Those seats were uncomfortably close to the visitors' section, and there were two red-clad knuckleheads sitting right behind me, one of which couldn't bear to keep his trap shut for 60 seconds at a time.  Like any of the regular inhabitants over at Pack Pride (you may have to work around or -even worse- FOR folks like these) they constantly spew little half-compliments laced with that tinge of venom dripping off their pointy teeth.

With the score tied in the waning moments, and during the timeout that preceded the punt return, the Tar Heel fan seated next to me said something about hoping for the presumed returner (Smith) to fair-catch or get out of bounds, which would leave "X" amount on the clock for a game-winning drive.  I looked through my binoculars and confirmed (instead) that Gio Bernard was in the defensive huddle, then said to him: "I don't think Smith is going to fair catch anything...that's Gio coming on the field."

And I turned my camera on to record...

G.O. from liv erm'ush on Vimeo.

As you'll notice in the video, I didn't check on the guy behind me after the punt return.  But I did look around, right after turning off the camera, and he had excused himself from the remaining festivities.

I hated Tom O'Brien, State's coach, for whipping my team FIVE years in a row, and have to say am tickled for that reason to see him go.  But, I give him a hearty tip o' the cap for having the huevos to kick it to Gio in that situation.