Friday, January 31, 2014

He That Struggles With Us...

"He that struggles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill." -Edmund Burke

(Allow me a brief editing note: There's something screwy going on that occasionally replaces the D'Souza video above with another that I've embedded previously.  Some Blogger hiccup, or perhaps something more sinister?  I don't know.)

Update: Burke was actually referring to strugglers against, as much as or rather than alongside.  And, I learned just after posting this that D'Souza had been doing just that...against none other than dyed-in-the-wool Communist Bill Ayers last night at Dartmouth.  2 hours worth of debate, that Ayers chose to claim wasn't really a debate (actually kicks off his part of the program by claiming the best thing about America is Chicago, ha!  Good one, Bill).  Word is that D'Souza pretty much owned the debate.

Brought to Dartmouth University by the Young America's Foundation.

I've been trying to watch this for much of the morning, but the video seems to have unrelenting buffering problems.  Very aggravating.  Going to post the link, in spite of not having seen entire thing.  Katie Pavlich vouches for it, though, so that's good enough for me.

Sic 'im boy, sic balls.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No Use (UPDATE: Enlightened)

It seems to me that the harder I study, the less I know.

Case in point, I think that at least 99% of Dinesh D'Souza's fans are singing in Mark Steyn's choir.  And vice versa.

Why then, would Steyn, in a SteynOnline article today, preface his thoughts by writing, "I have no use for Dinesh D'Souza..."?  He may well have reason for his professed lack of utility, but unless it's particularly notorious, why say so?

Someone help me out here.  Anyone?


(UPDATE) Apparently I wasn't the only one so perplexed...

Steyn says, "Some readers demanded to know what I meant by that "no use" crack."

And points to this, his review of D'Souza's "appalling" book.  There you have it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Channeling Strother Martin's Captain

Via WRSA & Doug Ross

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate."

Edit to add, we also have a failure to blog a legibly-sized version.  So, click the above link and go straight to Ross.  All the better for your eyes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

If You Like Your Humanism...

...You can keep it.

"I don’t know anyone who might have any valid reasons to question the wisdom of homosexuality as a lifestyle, artificial insemination or gay marriage.

You know, besides overturning millennia of legal, ethical and moral thought on these subjects.

Only racists and homophobes would do that."

from John Ransom, at TownHall

Shots Fired At Lexington Green?

Dinesh D'Souza to be arrested on Friday.  Via Drudge...

"D'Souza first learned he was being investigated in the middle of 2013, several months after 2016 had earned $33 million at the box office and become the second-most-popular political documentary in U.S. history. The film included an interview with Obama's half-brother, George Obama, who was mildly critical of the president.

Molen says D'Souza is being singled out for "an alleged minor violation" in the same way the IRS reportedly targeted conservative Tea Party groups for retribution. "In light of the recent events and the way the IRS has been used to stifle dissent, this arrest should send shivers down the spines of all freedom-loving Americans," Molen says.

Edit to add: Frankly, I think D'Souza and O'Keefe should both tell Cuomo and the Empire State to go piss up a rope.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't Go Changin'

Congrats to Western Rifle Shooters Association on their 7000th post.  Perhaps they didn't make the Fab50, but I can't think of any one source that I trust more to give us the straight poop.

Peoples' Cube Putin vs. Obama. (I think it says more about the weakness of one politician, than the strength of the other).

Not just the donut-burners to worry about when it comes to rogue LEOs here in NC.

Are you a man, or a subject?

The conviction to withdraw consent comes from deep inside, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have this kind of reinforcement:

You guys rock.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Vassey Wouldn't Like It

The Southport police officer who murdered 18-year-old weakling Keith Vidal would surely not approve, but I think it's a positive sign in an otherwise bleak state of circumstance.  What's that, you ask?

This morning, I heard on the radio that the town council of my nearby little town, "XX", has voted unanimously to fund and equip each of its police officers with personal, wearable POV cameras that record up to 12 hours without recharging.  So, everything every officer sees and does on-duty, immediately becomes part of the record.  If there are local officers who "don't have time for" reasonable, non-lethal police work, any outside pressing interests would also, logically, be part of the record.

Speaking of scumbags, the NC Police Benevolent Association apparently has evidence (of which no media outlet is aware) that exonerates Vassey, so they've rushed to his defense.  Also, Bryon Vassey, the murderer, has a spokes-cretin but remains uncharged.  Methinks this thoroughly and immediately delegitimizes the NCPBA.  Just another union, protecting its member-thugs.  Remember this if/when the NCPBA calls you for a contribution.

Thumbs up for the town of "XX" least murderer Vassey probably won't be inclined toward transferring here.

Friday, January 10, 2014

An Open Letter to Mark Levin

I'm a fan, Mark.  You know that.

But, I learned whilst visiting Brock's place that you have issues with the 10th Amendment Center and the concept of Nullification.  And worse, he says you have derogatory things to say about Judge Napolitano.  I'm still learning about Nullification, but in a measure of scholarship credibility between you and the Judge, I'm afraid you'll be found woefully lacking.

Partly due to your infatuation with "Honest Abe", I've long sensed some condescension from you, Mr. Levin, regarding the South.  So, I'd be interested to hear your definition, and defense, of the term "neo-confederate", that you supposedly used to characterize Dr. Tom Woods.  I've listened to the name-calling on your show, and confess that I got a kick out of it when you called the New Jersey Governor "Krispy Kreme", so I know that's your shtick.  But, I'm inclined to be on Dr. Woods' side here.

Let's hear your debating skill, absent the snark.  Is your term "neo-confederate" another way of shouting "raaaaaaciiiiiiiist" to dead-end an argument?  That's a tactic that we know the Statists use, and it's fine to turn it back on them, but let's not use it against each other, m'kay?  Could you win a debate on the strength of your Constitutional scholarship?

I'd like to suggest Brit Hume to be the moderator/scorekeeper.  Choose your weapons (co-debaters) Mark, and let there be some real dialog about the Constitution!  I believe it'll be an invaluable learning experience for all America.

Man up, or shut up, Buttercup!  If you win, I'll keep the link to right there in the sidebar.  If you lose (or refuse to play), Dr. Woods' site will replace yours.

There, I said it!

Full disclosure: I'm still sore about getting suckered into that scam of yours.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm organizing a cruise southward, and looking for crew.  We're going to attempt to tow those climate scientists and eco-Nazis tourists back into the unfrozen waters of the Caribbean.

I didn't say, and do not mean to suggest, that we'll be towing their boat.

Comment on whether you'd like to join us or contribute provisions...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Francis Poretto: Inheritances

From Liberty's Torch

There's a wealth of things I could write about usual. But in wandering among them, seeking a common theme, I happened upon one I would not have expected. The more I contemplated it, the more sense it made to me. I wonder if it will affect you, Gentle Reader, the same way.


It was once said of the French -- derogatorily -- that their core problem is that they think they built Paris, whereas they really only inherited it. Granted that, if we except the banlieues, they've done a decent job of preserving that patrimony. But it would be pathetically wrong to claim credit for originating it. I hope contemporary Frenchmen don't give themselves that particular air. But there are many inheritances in the world. Not all of them are acknowledged. Not all are appreciated and preserved. Some are treated with contempt:

They unwound and flung from them with rage, as a rag that defiled them
The imperial gains of the age which their forefathers piled them.
They ran panting in haste to lay waste and embitter for ever
The wellsprings of Wisdom and Strength which are Faith and Endeavour.
They nosed out and digged up and dragged forth and exposed to derision
All doctrine of purpose and worth and restraint and prevision:
And it ceased, and God granted them all things for which they had striven,
And the heart of a beast in the place of a man's heart was given

An inheritance of value is not to be treated in such a fashion. The great problem, of course, is that not all of us evaluate by the same standards. It gets worse when one surveys the changes in standards that have occurred over time.

Read the entire essay, and tell me, please...what civil response yet remains for good men who love life and liberty?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Believe It Can't Happen Here? (Updated) (Updated Again)

Then take one giant step back into the land of reality.

The Daily Caller reports on Brunswick County/ Boiling Spring Lakes/ Southport cops shooting and killing murdering an 18 year-old schizophrenic in his own home, after he'd been subdued, because the cops "didn't have time" to otherwise deal with him.

Trusting cops (also known as "the only ones competent to bear firearms") is the last thing you should consider in any kind of emergency.  Or, for that matter, any other time.  Even here.

We'll report back if/when these murderers are named.

(UPDATED): Alyssa Rosenberg with WWAY NewsChannel 3 says that the shooter was a Southport police officer, and reports that Southport Chief Jerry Dove has the officer suspect on "administrative leave".

Let's hear from this gun thug about the screwdriver threat as he perceived it.  Let's get an interview with the Police Chief about what kind of urgent business compels Southport officers to shoot kids.


WWAY reports now, without Southport PD naming him as the shooter, Chief Jerry "JV" Dove says Officer Bryon Vassey has been placed on administrative leave.  Regrettably, a website for the Southport PD does not include pictures of the (accused) murderer or his accomplices.

I thought about posting a quote from their "Mission Statement" page regarding their professed "values", but my breakfast hasn't yet settled... Help yourself, if you're so inclined.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

An F-You to Starbucks

I resolve to read more Living Freedom in 2014, link to Claire more often, and live deliberately.  Thanks to her for this "David thumps Goliath" moment...

Brew-pub responds to Cease & Desist orders.  Caution: Put down that glass of tea, lest you end up spraying your keyboard whilst reading.

Photo: Facebook Exit 6 Pub & Brewery


Friday, January 3, 2014

Naked Into the River

Two videos for you today, little short-attention spanners.  Mount up!

Soon, the naked evil of this would-be emperor and socialism itself will begin to dawn on the citizenry.  And, we'll be there chasing the bad guys into the river.

"To many who have watched the transition from socialism to fascism at close quarters the connection between the two systems has become increasingly obvious, but in the democracies the majority of people still believe that socialism and freedom can be combined.  They do not realize that democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is not only unachievable, but that to strive for it produces something utterly different.  As has been aptly said, 'What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven.'" -Friedrich A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom.