Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Okay, Well, Not So Much

In a previous life, I said that my opinions differ from Josie The Outlaw's less than a "thimbleful in the ocean."  Well, that was then.  She could've just quit while she was ahead.

And she is entitled to her opinion.  This is just one opinion I do not share: Supporting The Troops (her definition...I'll link to it, but not embed it).

Women should by their nature be doves.  So, their pretending any authority in regards to war is inane and presumptuous.  This youtube event is proof positive that if you listen to any woman long enough, you may come 'round to regret having ever started.

"To celebrate the many lives lost on all sides, by innocent men, women, and children...I support them quitting the military and coming home...I support ALL human beings, including those human beings targeted by US troops..."

Well, fuck that.

I support being a warrior for the essence of being a warrior.  And, I don't ask for anyone else to agree with me or any other warrior.  I support the notion of a warrior always being a him, and never a her.  Whether it's David smiting Goliath, Leonidas fighting in the shade of Xerxes' arrows, or Dan Morgan tomahawk chopping his way through waves of redcoats, the glory of battle is beyond the comprehension of the wimmen-folk.  And the involvement of said wimmen-folk queers the deal for warriors on both sides.

There aren't any "innocent bystanders".  Only the foolish.  Get in the fight, or get out of the way.

Let the politicians lay claim to the soldiers' victory.  I submit that the true warrior cares very little for political claims and so-called "support."  When I die, I hope I've either lived or died well enough that I can stand before my God and say that I killed as many of our enemies, His and mine, as I could.  His Blessings are the only "support" I'll ever give a shit about.

Fighting to defend your home or family or way of life is honorable, too.  But, if all you ever prove willing to fight is a defensive war, you'll fight a lot more of them than if you're willing to occasionally walk up to a bad guy and bust his nose.

I do not expect women, or for that matter all the Beta-males of the world, to have much of a sense of honor regarding battle.  But, I would appreciate their not waxing expert on things they so-poorly comprehend.

"Heavily armed and bloodthirsty."  Just for the glory of it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Continues, And I'd Say, Evolves

As this philosophical discussion continues its gravitational pull towards, as Concerned American would say, "sportiness", remember this:

Not all of those guys that we harken back to as the Founders of the Great Thing, were perfectly like-minded even with each other.  Nor were they perfectly like-minded with that Great Document.

I don't even agree universally with Josie Outlaw.  But, the disagreements aren't a thimble-full in the ocean.