Monday, February 18, 2013


Yes, to be sure.  But tell me which parts you find implausible.

A cousin of mine, before he voted for the Obamunist in round 1, told me with a straight face that "they'd never let that happen..." in response to my saying that Barry once said he'd have a civilian defense corps 500,000 strong that rivaled the strength of the US Military.

And I said, "Who is they?"

I can't more-highly recommend reading the longer excerpt of the following.  You can do so after the break, or even better, to its source at Western Rifle Shooters Association.  Please.  And don't forget that the comments are open.

From Matthew Bracken's Foreign Enemies & Traitors:

“Next came the Freedom from Gun Violence Amendment, and that’s when the Second Amendment was annulled. So you see, we didn’t want any of it. Not regular Americans. We didn’t ever vote for it; it was all done at the con-con by mob rule. It was a complete circus by then, the kangaroo convention. But it didn’t matter what average Americans thought, the amendments all became law. They became the new constitution. When the Second Amendment was repealed, the delegates in the arena had a mass orgasm. We watched it all on TV. It was surreal, like a bad dream you get after food poisoning.”

Carson asked, “What did the gun amendment ban?”

“Just about every legal firearm that was left. After the Washington Stadium Massacre, the semi-auto rifles were already outlawed. The ones they called assault weapons.”


“Nope, I don’t, not at all. But the con-con didn’t end with the gun amendment. The economic amendment was the last one. That was on the final day of the convention. It was a rubber stamp, another voice vote. By then the con-con was like a religious revival meeting, so of course the EJDA passed. That’s what they call the Economic Justice and Democracy Amendment, the EJDA. It was another mass orgasm in the Philly sports arena. We were in shock by then, watching it on television at home. It all happened so fast! Only a few months before the con-con, everybody thought the Poor People’s Party was a joke. We thought the constitutional convention would never happen, and even if it did, it wouldn’t really count somehow. But it did, and nobody’s laughing now.”

“What’s this economic amendment do?” asked Carson.

“The EJDA guarantees jobs for everybody; it guarantees a living wage, it guarantees affordable housing, free health care, free college and free child care. I’m sure I left out a few things it guarantees, but you get the idea. Almost any freebie or handout you can think of, it’s in the EJDA. Basically, it’s communism, written into the constitution. And believe it or not, they sold it as the best way to fix the economy! The new constitution was going to get us out of the depression, and make life fair for everybody at the same time. With the new constitution, the president could enact the ‘New New Deal’ and get us out of the depression. Fat chance! That’s like taking arsenic to cure a stomach ache.”

And do read up on why you ought to oppose a Con-Con, now.  That part is not fiction.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Happy Birthday, Mike.

UPDATE: I couldn't disable the autoplay, so here's a link to the video, instead.

"Shrugged"?  Yeah, well, go with it.

Video from ACC All-Access.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

For The Upland Journal Gentlemen

Know this: nobody wants to dispose of all the "political talk" any more than we do.  We don't like it anymore, and probably much less, than you do.

But, as Bill Whittle says, "...politics has invaded everything.  And my friends, politics sucks."  It is our freedom to pursue happiness that is trampled upon.  You oldschool UJ'ers may be coming late to the party, in that some things that make you happy are currently getting constricted by the federal leviathan, but we've been getting "unhappied" for quite some time now.

You're not unlike those folks who'd previously been suckered into the Cult of Celebrity when they opened that first paycheck of 2013.  OMG, is right!

Fearful people are not happy people...

And we can all be happy, if we put...if we put this invasive, collectivist, ever-growing monstrosity of a State, back into the beautiful, competent, frugal, well-ordered, fiscally-responsible, government-sized box that it originally came in.

Thanks to NCRenegade for the video...which somehow otherwise slipped under the Livermush radar.

The Bicyclist & The Overmountain Man

The Overmountain Man is driving a truck
A big diesel pickup, looming, and not very nimble.
Overmountain Man drives aggressively, perhaps
But not rudely, he thinks
This is a busy college town.

Bicyclist rides in the road
It's his road, as much as anyone's, by gosh
He rides in the middle of a lane
And then toward one side of a lane, without mirrors
To aid him, and then the middle again.

As a traffic light turns red, just ahead
The Bicyclist slows faster than the diesel would prefer
The Overmountain Man, behind,
Slows slower than comfortable, for the Bicyclist.
Who stops abrubtly, angrily.

Well short of the vehicle ahead, at the intersection
The Bicyclist yells indecipherably over his shoulder at the
Overmountain Man, who returns a "What...Who me?" pantomime.
The Bicyclist pulls forward some,
So, of course, does the Overmountain Man.

The Bicyclist turns and pedals around behind that big diesel
And bluetooths a license plate number to an unseen savior
The light changes and everyone goes along
Without further disharmony, much
And without bloodshed

The Overmountain Man is overdue for feeding
And he's still looking, sniffing for a place that suits him
Backtracking across the college town he sees now again, and smiles
Toward the Team Post Office unitard of his friend the Bicyclist,
Sitting now in the median of a far busier highway

A minute later, Overmountain Man decides maybe this diner, but
After pulling into the lot, he changes his mind again
Before exiting, though, the big diesel is surrounded by Policemen,
Who ask him about an incident of road rage
The Overmountain Man would cast a long & broad shadow.

Overmountain Man says that none of the rage belonged to him
And that passive-aggression shouldn't command 911 attention
The Senior Policeman seems confused at the phrase,
"Professional Victim Beta Male" but not much amused.
The Overmountain Man is a brute, obviously, and not a poet.

The passive-aggressive beta male would not carry a gun
But, gladly, would use one that is wielded by someone else.
He is happy to pick a fight, so long as he is not in it.
There are no consequences to crying "Wolf"
So far as he knows or cares.

If the Indians had had bluetooth cellphones
They could've called 911 for someone to deliver a stern talking to
To those trains, and their brutish Conductors like Overmountain Men
Who'd be taught certain painful lessons, while horses would remain
Without poetry or progress.

Monday, February 4, 2013

LTG Boykin

H/T to Western Rifle Shooters Association.

You are witnessing a rogue, tyrannical government.  It has, by its lawlessness, delegitimized itself.

Whatcha gonna do?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hanoi Jane Kerry


It is my opinion that any Senator who voted to approve John Kerry as Secretary of State, retroactively endorses his treasonous act of giving aid & comfort to the enemy.

It's one thing, and bad enough, if you're Massachusetts, and you think this scum is good enough to represent you.  But it's another thing entirely if you are willing to pretend a traitor is satisfactory diplomatic representation for all of the country!