Thursday, June 25, 2009

Countdown to whupass...

Update: For a truly magical combination, click play on the playlist player above (Rebel Son's One Way Or Another) while you read this post.

Hey there, you crazy kids! I just put the O!Bummer countdown widget on my blog. How cool is that?! Just over thirteenhundred days to go. Still seems awfully long. Unbearably so. I still hope he chokes to death on a chicken-bone. Yeah, that's mean, but he hates America...and I hate anyone who hates America. Frankly, I think he should simply say, "You know what? I realize now what an indefensible scam I've perpetrated on the USA, and fully confess my ineptitude...I shall resign my post immediately to perhaps save my Negro brethren from further embarrassment."

On a distantly related note, by a show of hands, how many among you would subscribe to a pay-per-view event that pitted Sarah Palin against John Kerry in a no-rules, steel-cage, bareknuckles, death-match?

Me too!

We all know that Sarah-Cuda's intellect runs wide circles around Kerry's and O!Bummer's and Biden's and well, all those socialists. But don't you think she could righteously whip any of them, anytime, anywhere, and for any amount of money? Wouldn't it be just cooler than all git-out to see Kerry laying in a pool of his own tears & piss & blood, with Governor Palin standing over him saying, "Ah shucks, John, there you go again...bleedin' all over my pretty shoes."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michelle Malkin rocks

If you are, or think you might be, supportive of the current administration's efforts regarding health-care reform, or even if you're somehow naive enough to believe that their motives might not be purely evil, then you should consider reading Ms. Malkin's report linked herewith. Also, if you think the Obamination and Ol' Miss Stink-eye are above the fray, be sure to read about her "patient-dumping" chicanery.

If a tingly-legged sensation gets you through the day toward your evening fix of spoon-fed moonbattery via the mainstream news networks, and you've been known to cringe at the thought of anyone being critical of the Great Eunuch in Chief (I got that from MataHarley--Flopping Aces-- this morning), then you'd better not read the entire essay. But if you have an open mind, and I promise not to say I told ya so, and wouldn't mind seeing those dots of intentional corruption perfectly connected, then please treat yourself to her essay, of which I submit this sample:

Why do they want Obamacare? An internal ACORN memo I obtained from August 2008 makes the motives clear. “Over our 38 years, health care organizing has never been a major focus either nationally or locally for ACORN,” wrote ACORN Philadelphia region director Craig Robbins. “But increasingly, ACORN offices around the country are doing work on health care.” The goal: “Building ACORN Power.” The memo outlines the ACORN/HCAN partnership and strategy of opposing any programs that rely on “unregulated private insurance” – and then parlaying political victory on government-run health care “to move our ACORN agenda (or at least part of it) with key electeds that we might otherwise not be able to pull off.”

The objective, in other words, is to piggyback and exploit Obamacare to improve and protect their political health. The “grass-roots” movement is not about representing Main Street. It’s about peddling influence and power on 1825 K Street.

I have my own personal distaste for the current state of healthcare dysfunction, namely, the general passing-the-buck, lack of accountability between the providers and insurers, with patients chewed up in the middle. But, government at it's best, even if there weren't any associated corruption, is not the answer. Thanks, but no thanks...At what point shall the rest of you agree that this federal government has over-reached in pushing its influence and control onto your lives?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Snub at your own peril, BO

If I weren't so busy trying to find work, and showering the monumentally fabulous Sherry with affection, I would be presenting well-worded and thoughtful discourse on many things! Those things might certainly include Tar Heel baseball, stupid Supreme Court Justice appointments, fly-fishing, horse-trailin', leaping tall trees and Shakesperean sonnets. But this blogger is busy.

So, with that in mind...allow me to simply present Mr. Cavuto:

Well put, sir. Hat tip to Flopping Aces, where, if I can't feed you more nuggets by Sunday, you should go back to for the Sunday Funnies.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Not funny haha, funny beautiful

I agree with the author that women are too hard on themselves.

"...and nothing in the world feels as good as resting (your eyes) on someone you love."

Photos by Karen Walrond
Body by Jenny (The Blogess)
Painting by Katherine Center

Whew, that was close!

On Wednesday, I went out to get in a few sets of tennis, hopefully before any rain came. The temperature had cooled some on the front of a storm, and I and my opponent headed to the courts, about 5 minutes' drive away. During our warm-up time, there was lightning popping in all directions but nothing it seemed for 10-15 miles ( mississippi, two mississippi...15). Just when we agreed to get the games started, the first drops came, the big ones that you know have lots of friend-drops coming fast and furious right behind. We'd scooped up our sweat towels, water-bottles, and racket bags and barely gotten to my truck when the deluge began. And I suggested that I'd go on to the gas station and fuel up while we see if it's a real storm or just 10 minutes of bluster. Immediately after gassing up, I decided that further tennis was not in that evening's plans, and headed on home. On the way, we had a couple cracks of lightning and simultaneous booms of thunder, and knew the worst of the lightning was right close.

Coming up the drive, I could see the Mag-dog standing in the driving rain and was raising hell at me to do something. It isn't at all uncommon for her to do that; she doesn't like thunder and lightning, and I don't blame her, but short of bringing a wet, muddy dog in the house (not happening) there's not much a feller can do. I parked the truck and sat there with the ignition off, knowing that she was still there barking her head off, but unable to hear it for the sound of the rain.

The only thing I'd noticed amiss when I went on inside was the lack of landline phone sevice, and I figured that was something that would be readily known and repaired by that utility company. The next morning, I found out why I didn't have a dial tone.

I only discovered this after noticing chunks of tree bark in the front yard, opposite site of the house from this tree. The 2nd picture shows where a root exploded between the tree and house. The last illustrates how close it is to Maggie's run...she's tethered to an overhead cable strung from one tree to another, which is about 30 feet away from and no more than 5 feet shorter than this white pine with the exploding bark.
  • On a completely seperate and unrelated note: Fuck David Letterman and the white pig he rode in on.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Call your co-workers around your desk and enjoy

With very little soliloquy, I would like to present another video by a man that knows how to make a speech. It isn't ironic or coincidental that he needs no teleprompter. You see here a gentleman who from his heart, speaks the simple truth.

If you prefer to categorize Newt Gingrich as the Bad Old Man of the Grand Old Party, you shouldn't watch this. At about the 8:55 mark in, you'll hear him say that he, "is not a citizen of the world," and you will hear things that make you proud to be an American, proud again also to be a Republican, proud that you aren't an apologist, but rather looking hopefully and confidently to 2010 and 2012.

I know it's two straight posts with video-embedded speeches by great Americans, but heh. Fifty-Six minutes long, but well-worth every second.

Then, tomorrow, I'll embed another a woman whose blogs always move me to uproarious laughter, but this day moved me to tears.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Because of these men

While the Obamination is pulling down the pants of America, and embracing weakness and shame, revisit with me the words of a man who loved his country. President Reagan stands on the cliff of Point Du Hoc, gushing respect for those men of those countries who were there with ours, and basking in the glory of being the leader of the country whose men and women are the best and brightest and bravest, the shining example of what is good and true in the world. I've seen this video on at least six other sites yesterday and today.

As President Reagan says in closing, "Let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died."

Our nation, as the strongest nation and the best, has a responsibility to remain as such. In the time before our full involvement in WWII, the enemies of freedom and liberty took advantage of our absence, expanding their aggression and conquest and their threat. The same is happening now, and will only worsen, so long as the fools who pretend to leadership in this country continue their systematic submission. When our country shuns the responsibility that comes with being the mightiest and best, the despots and tyrants and thugs rush in to fill that void. Without men like Ronald Reagan, the brave men of this country like you and me will sit like swords rusting in their scabbards, sheathed and disregarded.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Stupid Friday poll:

Which of the following do you think makes an appropriate anthem for this generation of moonbattery?

A) Crosby/Stills/Nash-

Don't you know we're riding, on the Stupid-Ass express?
Don't you know we're riding, on the Stupid-Ass express?
They're taking us to Stupid Ass

B) America-

I been to the desert on a whore with no shame
It's been good to cast Cheney some blame
In the desert, your middle name is Hussein
'Cause you squeaked out the 'lection versus Johnnie McCain

C) Hair-

This is the dawning of the Age of Ridiculous
The Age of Ridiculous...

D) Other- Please feel free to submit your own...

As creative inspiration for you, I found the old "Hey Man, is that freedon rock? Well, turn it up, man!" youtube video. Embedding was disabled, so if you need that as inspriation, here 'tis...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Tyger

How easy it is to disregard the Hand of God while tethered to a keyboard and computer monitor, or a television, or even a book, or the next thing on the to-do list. A week ago, I choked up singing these words, "...when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made..." for the sense of loss over having insulated myself from that wonder, and those wondrous things. But yesterday, as I stood on the platform at Mt. Mitchell, breathing its scenery...

And recalled William Blake's The Tyger...

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

How great Thou art. Indeed.