Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I Said...

...Only much, much better.

"Unrelently evil," he calls them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Which Is Worse?

Richard Nixon was impeached for his role in covering up the Watergate Hotel break-in.  He may or may not have known about the burglary beforehand, but most certainly knew about efforts to hide the crime afterwards.

The burglary wasn't so much an exercise in thievery, as much as an attempt to spy on the other guys.

Operation Fast & Furious was an attempt by persons in Federal Law Enforcement to facillitate the movement of US-made combat-type firearms into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.  The recurring mistake being presented by some of the few who are reporting on it (Fox News) is the assumption that the operation was "botched".

Nothing was botched, except the schemers' end result.  From the beginning, the scheme was one intended to get American guns into the hands of Mexican criminals (and visibly so) such that common Americans watching their evening news programs might be misled into thinking more legislative "gun control" could perhaps be a thing of necessity.

Just like the Watergate cover-up, Operation Fast & Furious is turning into (as most of us watching objectively always suspected) a case of who knew what and when did they know it.

Again, Watergate was a burglary and a botched burglary at that.  Operation F&F was an illegal (but successful) gun-smuggling scheme, designed to ultimately cast American firearms in a negative light.  Two federal agents, Border Patroller Brian Terry and Immigrations/Customs Agent Jamie Zapata were murdered as a direct result of this crime.

US Attorney General Eric Holder first claimed ignorance (under oath) of the Operation, then later recanted his testimony after evidence was presented disproving his claim.  He's repeatedly stonewalled the Congressional investigation, and "changed" his testimony at least once again.  Demands from Congressman Darrell Issa for documents related to the case have been refused.  It's easy to believe that Holder, not only knew intimately about the Operation, but that he likely orchestrated it from conception.

And with Obama now granting Executive Privilege status over those same documents, shielding them from rightful Congressional scrutiny, can't the exact thing be also said of him?  That is, is there any reason to believe that Obama didn't at least know of the cover-up, and perhaps even originally complicit in the conception and implementation of the scheme?  Does the objectives of the Operation not fit with Obama's ideology, and those of his radical friends?  How blindly devoted to him would you have to be to make the leap of faith that he's above such treachery?

A Democrat Congressman named Maloney said, according to this article by Katie Pavlich in Town Hall, that “I am offended, personally, that you would call the Attorney General a liar”.

Well, Mr. Maloney, I am likewise offended, personally, that you have the audacity to pretend that admitting a lie is the same thing as being honest.  If you lie to me and submit that lie as the truth until I prove you're a liar, and you then recant your earlier lie, there are no longer any mathematics that support your contention of being honest about anything.

And the same goes doubly for those enablers and protectors of your lies.  If you are unwilling or unable to point an accusatory finger at Holder and Obama, then you are as culpable in the deaths of those Agents, Terry & Zapata, as those that pulled the triggers.

Furthermore, your culpability includes those deaths of hundreds (hundreds!) of bystanding Mexican citizens.

Impeachment procedings should commence forthwith.

Reference also for vital/recommended reading:

Sipsey Street Irregulars (ALL of the truth and background dirt pertaining to Fast & Furious, Holder, Boehner, et al).  Vanderboegh is THE authority or F&F.

Yesterday, I was out on a job and had a member of the Contracting team showing me pictures of his very impressive gun collection: scores of pistols, self-defense shotguns, assault/combat arms, etc...  This 30-year-old or so guy had retired from State Law Enforcement (and Federal Task Force teamwork) to help with the family business.  I asked him what he thought, as a retired LEO and certified gun advocate, about the Fast & Furious scandal.

He had not even heard of it.

I told him if he's getting any news of his world at all, he's listening to the wrong folks.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Showboat

Just getting around to posting this, but a few weeks ago, Sherry and I toured the USS North Carolina.  And here are some pix of the boat known affectionately during WWII as "The Showboat."

There was a Coast Guard plane passing nearby...

Acting as her "spotter", I helped Sherry scare him away...

I remember visiting the Memorial as a wee lad, but didn't remember the float planes (Note plane in background racing for cover after Sherry riddled his fuselage with bullets)...

Please continue to more pix and video beyond the fold...