Monday, June 10, 2013

Sun, Wind, Water

Bookending the daylight on a very long day's journey are these two photos.  The first, leaving port motoring SE, into the rising sun, and across barely unflattened water.

The second, running through a glass-flat canal toward the setting sun.

This pic would be serene, but for the known peril of remaining in this ditch after sunset.  For comfort & safety's sake, the bridge on the horizon should have passed overhead two hours earlier.  The 85 Statute Mile trip is quite doable in a single day, if your boat makes 7 knots.  With a foul bottom, however, maxed out at 5 knots, not such an easy feat.

Making the ensuing 3-hour end of this trip much more anxious was the combination of darkness, a stiffening wind, limited local knowledge, and pitching seas all the way in.  But, the sailor and his vessel survived.

I'll be putting together a video of this adventure and posting over on the sister-blog, when I get enough time.  Anyone care to hazard a guess as to where these photos were taken?