Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exit stage left

I was encouraged during my schooling days (not quite "taught"...but they tried) that if I had nothing good to say, I should say nothing, and that it's impolite to speak ill of the dead. And so, I thought I did pretty well keeping my unflattering opinions to myself when Jacko the child-molester went Tango Uniform.

Similarly, without anything nice to say on the occasion of Ted Kennedy's passing, I'll remain relatively silent. The liberal-left, for whose cause he was the most prominent banner-bearer, will shamelessly try to play the event to their advantage. Watch today or tomorrow and see them try to dedicate another push for their socialized-medicine, big-government scheme "to his memorial legacy" or some such hogwash.

I'll only link to what a few others have written, far better pundits than I...

Always among my favorites, Flopping Aces documents a few of the facts of Teddy's life.

Michelle Malkin appropriately takes the high road.

And linked from Ms. Malkin, The Anchoress brings more generosity than I could muster.

Wait. Okay, updated from M/M, Kennedy did in fact campaign for Ronald Reagan and against the peanut-head. So that's two things worthy of celebration, at least.

Update: Fuck that. I'll mourn for Mary Jo Kopechne, who died in vain. Her murderer went unpunished. Miss Kopechne was failed by the law, and her killer spent his life perverting the law. I say that's a despicable trade-off. Her death shouldn't be reduced to a metaphor, but isn't what he did to her the exact same thing he's done to this country during his entire career?

Here, little girl...climb in my car while I drive recklessly and drunkenly along this bridge that has no guardrails. I'll pretend that what I'm doing to you may have some benefit for you.


Now, I'm going to save my own worthless hide, so you'll just have to fend for yourself. Sorry that I had to lock you in. Having you tell others about my questionable sobriety (or incompetency) just would not do.

My country is worse off for him having escaped earthly justice. The only good thing to say is that now, at least, he won't be driving any of us around anymore. Let's just hope we can kick out a window before it's too late.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cockroaches scurry under Malkin's bright light

You've gotta love Michelle Malkin. Listening to her, you get calm rational logic. But pay attention also to the so-called hosts of these shows. It should come as no surprise that Matt Lauer and the ladies from The View are blind, mindless disciples of the O!Bummer messiah. See how they (especially the one named Joy, I think) spit bile when Malkin says unfavorable things about the Big Zero's top-to-bottom infestation of cheats, crooks and cronies in the administration. Watch her disgust as she says, "...every broken promise: transparency, accountability, ethics...failing to deliver" and then squirming in their seats to interject and derail. Listen to Whoopie a time or two and see if her "question" even sounds like a question. See if you can easily substitute the phrase, "I don't like what you're saying, so I'm going to displace what you're saying with nonsense, or so our audience members don't hear everything you say, you heretic."

First, get some of this...

Then go check out how she lays waste to Lauer. I love his "she just completely ate my lunch" look as he says, "lot of comments there, this is Today and we'll be back."

But in the 2nd half of the Lauer video, Krauthammer unifies the entire point: Obama's campaign led so many of the middle-ground voters to believe that his presidency would transcend the muck and mire and general bullshit that we've come to expect from politicians...that there would be a genuineness and wholesomeness in the White House, and that what we've gotten instead is perhaps the most corrupt and dispicable administration in history, and precisely the loathing of America preached by Reverend Wright.

Lauer said at one point, "He (meaning Obama) hasn't gotten to where he has today by being a 'racial opportunist' has he?" Well yeah, Matt. That's exactly why.

It is ALIVE...

Wow, it's been nearly a month since the last post. This is the longest drought of blogging production since I launched the blog. At least, I rested on a good article in that most recent effort.

What? How can I blatantly say that it was good? Well, I wrote it, that's why.

The lack of production from me, though, hasn't been due to a lack of remarkable subject matter. Since that most-recent post, in fact, I've been able to do some fly-fishing with a niece and nephew on separate occasions, ride horses at the new club-land, had a family reunion, actually had a job interview (don't ask), go camping twice, and take in a new member of the household (a fox terrier named "Sweety"). All that in addition to cancelling a trip to some doctors at MD Anderson (I'm firing those bozos) and seeing a new (better) one in North Carolina, who scoffed at the need for more CT scans, and their associated high dosages of unnecessary additional radiation (not to mention their $3000+ each price tag), and after careful examination, issued me a clean bill of health. That report only served to confirm what I already knew. But apparently, some folks give those so-called "doctors" more credibility than they do me. Money down the drain, in my opinion. Quacks.

Part of the productivity problem is the current ongoing struggle against financial ruin. For a while, the juggling act of putting off one bill to pay another left this blogger without internet service. Not the end of the world (that comes next month when the mortgage goes unpaid). But heck, what does one 40-something white guy and his business future matter in comparison to the prospect of growing the federal and state governments and everyone's dependency thereupon? Apparently not so much.

Am I not a shining example of what gets sacrificed in pursuit of the hope-n-change nonsense?

If you know me, and you've seen the economic effect this administration's actions have had on me and my business, even if you want to disregard the merit of my words, have you not yet witnessed first-hand the very real result of your political choices?

This won't be my final blog post, but if it was, I'd want everyone to know that I won't seek or accept their handouts (SBA loans, governments subsidies, re-careering education, etc.), and I haven't drank the kool-aid. I know you can't eat your principles, but I'd go hungry (or better yet, go to the wilderness) long before I willingly castrate my liberty.

Fuck 'em.

Adventure pix coming soon, I swear!