Friday, November 29, 2013

"Upstream Of Everything But My Faith In God"

What is upstream of everything, for you, but your faith in God?

For this Anonymous Reader at Western Rifle Shooters Association, the only answer is Liberty.  He encourages you to spread the word, and I concur wholeheartedly.

The essay reprinted in its entirety (there are a few grammatical & spelling errors ignored).  Permission presumed...based upon the heading.

Spread the word.

Do the one thing that the ruling class and their sycophants can not survive.
Withdraw consent.
All you have to do is believe they represent illegitimate power.
Not much to it really.
Change in thinking, add a bit of reason, a minor grasp of the intent of our system of rule of law, and it becomes preference and culture.
Quietly mention it to everyone in the sphere of your life.
The truth becomes self apparent to those who have open minds.
Change one mind, you change the world.

Politically, crisis of legitimacy is political assassination of those who hold power through illegitimate means.
The elites can not survive a plurality who withdraws consent.

The folks in the liberty movement who advocate the movement of the 3 percent are far more prescient than they may know.
Where consent of the people is politically critical for the elites to hold onto power.
A cascade of preference among the governed, just regular people like us, who withdraw consent, is the most dangerous political force possible the ruling class faces.
Nothing represents as existential a threat to power, continuation of that power, the entire system of tyranny and corruption, the elitists have created, as loosing legitimacy in the minds of we the people.
Not our arms, our rule of law, revolution, political assassination via the vehicle of impeachment, nothing has the power of secession of political thought among the governed as withdrawal of consent to legitimacy of what our republic has been turned into by the ruling classes.
It is not only those who come up for election, but the people who really run things who don’t ever come up for re-election who require consent of the people for the elected in order to have the power to rule over us.

Hence it is not only the elected we deny consent thus legitimacy, it is the insidious rule of the unelected permanent bureaucracy.

It only requires an act of withdrawal of support for the status quo among consenting adults to achieve change in the thinking of the body of the people.
Once a plurality begins to believe, not only what is possible, but in itself as a force that is righteous, it begins to take on a political emphasis. It self perpetuates. It snowballs. It is culture up stream of politics. It is self perpetuating because by the very human nature of it’s simplicity, this plurality occupies and holds the legitimacy of moral high ground. It is this high ground which gives the advantage of power both political and cultural that supersedes all forms of governance.

Here is the thing.
Millions are looking for a sign, something that is self actualizing, the truth of who and what we are, in this atmosphere of universal deceit, treasonous dissimulation, and corporate system of corruption the elites create and perpetuate.

It is the elites sowing of disorder, doubt, Potemkin fantasy, the shell game system of big lies, crisis as means for manipulating and socially engineering, scandal as camouflage, purposefully deceiving continuously, overwhelming the body of the people, to wear them down, discourage them, disenfranchise them, manipulate them, make some subservient, creating classes of useful dupes, using fear as a lever to manipulate and instill false narratives, obfuscating the truth, creating but a fig leaf of legitimacy, to distract people from the truth it is they themselves who hold all the power. Truth it is the people who grant power. Not the other way around.

And all you have to do is believe.
And if you can, so can others.
It is the people’s sacred prerogative to distinguish what is legitimate and what is not.
There is comfort and security in believing as others, and knowing the truth.

Such a simple thing when the lies and obfuscations are stripped away.
Consent is yours as sure as your soul.
Withdrawal of consent costs nothing.
But it gains everything.
It requires no political party or entity.
You don’t vote for it.
It isn’t granted.
You don’t need permission to use it.
It requires not official sanction.
Indeed, what higher sanction than the natural born law of self determination, free thought, and will.

In that free will lies the beauty and the power of consent. Of the power a plurality possesses naturally, power to change the world. A plurality can not be denied. It’s mere existence would require extermination to do so. It can not be bargained with, because what, is it to bargain to relinquish it’s legitimacy to something illegitimate in the first place? It needs nor requires leadership, for it is the body of the people through it’s awareness, of it’s inherent legitimacy in numbers and thought that leaders are contradictory to the truth we are all born as freemen, and as freeman, we do not require to be led in our beliefs, principles and morals. Is this not the essence of what a freeman is to begin with?

Just imagine if you will the power of a plurality, it’s self awareness, it’s primal right to arm itself not only with truth of sovereignty, but with it’s natural right to possessing arms to defend itself.
It is a tyrants worst nightmare.
It is the stuff that changes the world.

A plurality did just that.
It was 3% of a population of 2.5 million, a plurality of 750,000, who accomplished an unknown feat in 5000 years of humanities history.
It destroyed a great and elitist tyranny and the ruling class power behind it.

Three percent did this. Three quarters of a million American’s fought the most kick-ass, successful revolution in all of history. And not only did this plurality win, against all accepted odds, against an empire that singularly ruled more of the world than any tyranny before or after, it went on to design and create for the very first time in all of history a nation where liberty and intent of the idea of rule of law placed all power of a government upon the simple concept of consent of the people.
A place where more people lived in liberty, than all the people combined in all of history, including those who have lived in liberty in America to this day.

Some contend the republic was flawed from the start. As soon as it began it ceased to be a republic. Well you know what, if so, then it was illegitimate only because people who abused others liberty acted illegitimately. What is the crux of what happened because of a plurality is Liberty lived. And I care not what but that today I am a freeman because of a plurality. I do not give consent to the illegitimate. It is My preference to determine my life, what I believe in, whom/what I give My consent to. Killing me because I refuse consent means I lived, and die a freeman. That is Liberty. That is preference. It is upstream of everything but my faith in God.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Replacements

No, I not talking about the rock 'n roll band.

I'm talking about those candidates to be Kay Hagan's replacement for US Senate.  These three are all good people, but one really stands out.

Mark Harris thinks he'd make a great leader, and I tend to agree with him.  He thinks people get elected here in North Carolina for their leadership skills, and that those folks in Washington, DC are just poor leaders.  I disagree with him on both those points, but due to the same premise.  I don't need political leadership, and neither do the other citizens of this state.  If we need anything from a politician, it's representation that stands opposed to Washington, DC.  He should continue to lead his congregation.

Heather Grant is probably the nicest of the three.  I truly sense that she wants to be part of the solution.  And, I believe she recognizes that the Left is not just misguided, but wicked.  Certainly, she'd be a quantum leap in the right direction after the disastrous Kay Hagan (in a way not unlike how anything improves the taste in your mouth after you've bitten into a not-quite-ripe persimmon).  But, I'm not convinced she could effectively rebut the clever rhetoric of the Marxists.

It's easy to see why Rand Paul endorses Greg Brannon, though.  Just listening to Brannon, reminded me of Sen. Paul: relatively soft-spoken, with the confidence of his convictions.  For example, he responds to a question regarding healthcare by saying that there's a "healthcare crisis because government got involved in a Free Market apparatus.  Government caused the problem."  Enjoy this video from NC Tea Party.

He had me at "Individual Sovereignty" and "Constitutional Dollar".  This is what the Tea Party is all about.

Hey Kay, pack your shit.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Max Velocity: Patriot Dawn - Free Kindle This Weekend

I just finished reading the paperback version, and can (sort of) highly recommend it.  Certainly, I would highly recommend it to the Operators, and would-be-Operators among us, and I'll post a link over on the OathKeepers forum with those guys in mind.

For general consumption, though, the Special Forces nomenclature gets tedious (The ARF's ECP was too FUBAR for OPSEC, so they attached a TACO to their FLIR), and Max's character development leaves a bit to be desired.  Note to Max: If you want a co-author next time to help bridge the gap between the choir and congregation, just drop me a note.  I'll clear some room on the schedule.

That being said, Patriot Dawn The Resistance Rises, is an unbeatable value this weekend: FREE kindle download at

Platforms for other "E-readers", also, apparently.

Gitcha some, y'all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Members Only Content

So, you haven't  heard of an alternative to Obarrycare that solves every failing of that monstrosity?

Well, you would if you were a member of, where you could view this new installment of the Virtual President.

What are you waiting for, a particular shade of green?

Saturday, November 16, 2013


This label is Sister Toldjah's concoction, not mine.  And certainly not GWR's, either, so far as I know.  A favorite strategy of a leftist/collectivist is to belittle its opposition by defining it into an unflattering box, such as her newly-fashioned, "true-cons".  Ouch, don't do me like that.

One of the longest-standing inhabitants of my blogroll (right over there) is Sister Toldjah.  In fact, I like her so good, that I link her up twice.  I don't read everything that's posted there, but when I do, I expect a better product than collectivist drivel, regardless the nature of that collective.

Her diligence in exposing "liberal" dishonesty and corruption is exemplary, and she's generally a voice of sanity rising above the din over in North Carolina's Little Austin (Asheville).  So, prominently ensconced in my blogroll she'll remain.

But that doesn't mean that she's always right, or beyond reproach.  And whenever she decides that criticism (of her pal Phineas) is better stifled, than debated, well, reproach is what's for dinner.

Phineas found himself in grand company: Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, Jason Lewis et al, with his argument against Ted Cruz's filibustering stance, and Congress' looming shut-down of the Fed-Gov last month.  Phineas didn't want Republicans to look bad, and used Bogart's Sam Spade character from The Maltese Falcon as an example of how perilous a tightrope walk it would be to publically battle Obamacare, while trying not to be seen as an oppositional force to a popular pResident, which may cost Republicans a vote in 2014.

I'm glad Phineas wants to be on the side that doesn't like Obamacare or its authors.  But, I don't just see that monstrosity's demise as a victory for Republicans.  The prospect of R's in this hall or that assembly is no longer even a moral victory.  I oppose Obamacare, not for it's perceived failure to improve medicine or insurance or pharmaceuticals, but because its core purpose has always been to effect evermore sinuous governmental control over this country's citizens (I say perceived failure, because it was never meant to succeed).

And, if you like that piece of wisdom, you can keep it.  Period.

Here's the coup de grace that the Sister used to slam the critics of her beloved Phineas:

Got it, guys – staunch conservatives like Phineas and myself who have fought tooth and nail against big government liberalism for years (decades) are “part of the problem” and shining examples of the white flag coalition simply because we disagreed on the best strategy when it came to opposing Obamacare.

Good to know.

I get so sick of this “true cons” bull sh*t. I’m closing this thread before I lose it. If either of you have anything further to say to me on this you can do it over email. We’re done here.

Actually, I have much more to say.  But it'll be said in the light, not in the email realm.  And my take is, if you can't stand a bloody nose, then you aren't fighting "tooth and nail."

I also believe that it's telling that she says, in the next few words no less, it's "big government liberalism..." that they're fighting against.  Not just big government, or liberalism, either of which is bad, but which she doesn't distinguish, but such that the natural rejoinder might be, "so, you'd be okay with big government, if it weren't so liberal?"  And this is where Phineas' argument for opposition without resistance devolves to a point beyond being simply excusably weak.  It's wrong, bad wrong.

If you're a "shining example" of anything, I should hope for your sake the white flag coalition would be preferable to McCain/Graham/Boehner enablers, because that's who wins using Phineas' "strategy."  I believe that my immediate response to Phineas in that first piece of his was, "How's that working out for you so far, brainiac?"

No, you're not "part of the problem" just because you disagree on the best strategy.  But, if your so-called strategy includes criticizing Cruz or remanufacturing something as hideously wicked as government "healthcare" just so you can win an election, then you certainly are a big part of the problem.  If the only battle you're willing to fight is one to expand your collective, then you are no better than them, but simply a different pale pastel.

Socialism-lite is not acceptable.  And so long as there is a white flag coalition, the GOP remains deceased.  And, I'm not convinced that there'll even be a legitimate 2014 election, for any of us to be angling toward.

The comments are open.  You can actually type "bull shit" here, if you like, spell it all the way out.  I won't shut down an argument for the hurt of a few feelings.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

510 Subscribers

But, that doesn't include me, because I had already subscribed.

Perhaps four other NC right-minded bloggers can team up with me, and we can be a wrench.  And then, we will do...things.

Should you join Bill Whittle dot com?


510 new subscribers helps those citizen producers meet a minimum financial goal to launch something as cool as the Virtual President, Afterburner, and Firewall combined.

Should you make yourself a part of the Common Sense Resistance?

That, I can not tell you.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Day For Free Castigo Cay


Today is the last day to get a free Kindle download of Matt Bracken's Castigo CayGo to, and have others do likewise.

To whet your appetite, how about a short-story of Matt's, from about this time last year?

What I Saw at the Coup
-by Matt Bracken

This is the first time in many years that I have put pen to paper for a lengthy letter, so please forgive my misspellings, poor handwriting or any other errors. I will probably do this in one go and be finished with it. I won’t need much of this new notebook. It’s a nice room, desk and chair, but really, no computer? I just wish they would stop the hammering outside. I need to focus in order to write well.

No one person could possibly expect to know the full truth about such a complex history, so near to its time. But I know what I know, saw what I saw, and heard what I heard. Now it’s time to set the record straight, at least about what transpired between some of the key players in the lead up to the recent events.

What I have heard called “the plan” began as idle office chat, nothing more. (Of course, not much chat is ever truly idle at the very highest levels of power, between senior presidential advisors.) The first time I heard it mentioned was over lunch with Dennis in the White House Mess, down in the basement next to the situation room. We were at a quiet corner table of the wood-paneled dining room, tossing ideas for the next talking points back and forth. Routine.

Read the rest at WRSA...