Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From ReasonTV...

...On the set of Atlas Shrugged.

[T]elling the epic tale of a society where the "men of the mind" go on strike and refuse to contribute to a collectivist world.
IMDB says that the scheduled release is January 1, but I wonder if that's not just their way of saying "next year."  The most definitive time frame I've heard otherwise is "springtime."  Whichever the case, I can hardly wait.

Here's an idea for ya: Let's have a big gathering of Right-minded North Carolina bloggers.  We could have a pig-picking and then attend the premier en masse.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cavewoman Casting 11/22: The BigAss Reptiles

It seems so unfair, I know, to limit the preliminary casting choices for Cavewoman 2011 (catchy working title) to just those charming anchor-babes and correspondent-babes at the Fox family of networks.  So to be fair, but not necessarily balanced, how about we include a few non-Fox personalities for consideration?

For the TRICERATOPS, I'm thinking Joy Behar, Rosie ODonnell, or maybe Janeane Garofalo. 

Playing the PTERODACTYL, how about Katie Couric or Whoopie?

Helen Thomas, not really a teevee personality (and well, not much of anything, and could use some work), could do a cameo appearance as herself in a death-match against the TYRANNOSAURUS played by Rachel Maddow.

Other ideas?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your Favorite Movie

I stole this from Boortz, then tweaked it.

See if this simple math exercise can predict your favorite movie...of...all...time.  Among the 18 films listed after the fold, your favorite movie will appear beside a number.  That exact number will be predicted by the following math problem.

I guarantee that it'll work.

Movie Quiz:

Pick a number from 1-9.

Multiply by 3.

Add 3.

Multiply by 3 again.

Now add the two digits together to find your favorite movie in the list of 18 movies on the next page.

Boob's Out

Lots of time, as voters, we're faced with choices between the lesser of two evils.  Occasionally though, we get to decide between a really good person with character and genuine leadership skills, versus a particularly despicable one that embodies the worst traits of the ruling elite.  And for North Carolina citizens, winning such an election was almost undermined by one campaign's dirty magic tricks.

The popular vote tally was in favor of Renee Ellmers, and by a wide enough margin that a recount would not be automatic.  But that final score was before someone miraculously discovered 450+ ballots, all marked (even more miraculously) in favor of her opponent, Bob Etheridge.

Bullshit, Bob.  You owe me $25.

Yesterday afternoon, Etheridge called Ms. Ellmers to finally admit that he'd lost; that further challenging the will of the people was unwarranted.  Ladies & gentlemen of the Old North State, meet your new Congresswoman from the 2nd district, Renee Ellmers.

Ms. Ellmers, please don't forget that compromise is for politicians, and that losing a fight is much better than giving in.  We don't need you to go make friends, or bring home pork (we make plenty of the real stuff, anyway, you know).  We need you to go fix your predecessors' shit.

Congratulations, Ma'am.

A special thanks to SarahPAC's Momma Grizzly fund, gettin' it done!

One last note:  Let's all not forget the fact that this election was much closer than it ever had to be, mainly because the RNCC never spent a dime to help her campaign.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We Used To Like Ya

I was driving hither and yon this morning, and was about 3/4 listening a local radio station known for outside-the-rut programming.  Sometimes the stuff they spin at WSGE is better than other times (it's sometimes been pretty great), and this morning was on the leave-side of the take-it-or-leave-it scale.  At the top of the hour, in the mornings, they cut to a news package, and I'm pretty sure (at 9AM) it was "AP Radio News."

The headline story was over (brace yourself) Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars competition.  As with most so-called news programs, legitimate or not, I'm generally about 3/4 tuned out, and certainly couldn't care less about anything to do with DWTS, but in the last sentence or two the newsreader credited Miss Palin's success, in part, to the tea-baggers.

I've actually written checks in support of Public Radio stations in the past.  But, when I got home, I fired off this short email to the folks at WSGE:
To whom it may concern,

On a network news feed this morning from your station, the newsreader used a vulgar term of derision ("tea-bagger") as a backhanded slur against a group of common Americans whose collective sins amount to having the audacity to peacefully assemble in opposition to what they perceive as governmental malfeasance.  Although I don't actually belong to the Tea Party, I do have great admiration and affinity for their efforts, and I take umbrage at having the national media so-casually deride them.

Whereas I believe the news service is AP Radio News, and not your own production, I listened to the "DJ" return to the programming long enough to offer an apology for airing the offensive term.  None was provided.

I've enjoyed your station in the past.  I've even been a financial contributor to Public Radio in the past.  But, no more.  Plus, I will lobby my elected representatives harder than ever to work toward de-funding National Public Radio and the Corporation For Public Broadcasting.


The WSGE website is here.

I'm not the only non-liberal who sometimes listens to stations that provide the AP feed, I'm sure. Did anyone else catch this?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hangin In

"Still hangin' in there," as Colonel Bigfoot Thompson says, "like a hair on a biscuit."

Five rounds of SBRT gamma-knifin' radiation, and only slightly worse for the wear & tear.

I probably made it much worse on myself than it had to be.  One of the technicians who locked me into this contraption each day...

...clucked disapprovingly at my Tar Heel hat lying on the counter nearby on day 2, and expressed her love for the Blue Babies from Durham.  I then made the mistake of offending her (the one responsible for monitoring the dosage) by asking, "Do you think this current crop of Blue Devil footballers is a case of Don't Ask Don't Tell as applied to college athletics?"

GZZZZZDT - that's the sound the machine makes as it's zapping you.

I got her back on the last day, though.  I told her supervisor that if she touches my junk again, I'd have her arrested.

Seriously, thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Got Your Fear Mongering Right Here

I keep hearing about Obama's extended overseas travel and brief stopover back in America and subsequent additional overseas travel.  It's easy to surmise that his reason for vacating the country would be to avoid shouldering any responsibility or accountability for the destruction his policies have wrought, but it could be he's avoiding something far more sinister.

Could be, he's keeping his distance from Brutus and Cassius.

Think about it.  There was a time when every America-loving patriot, maybe not wished for but certainly wouldn't have cried over, Barack Hussein Obama's untimely demise.  Such is most definitely no longer the case.  No single person can claim more responsibility for waking up the general populace than the O!Bummer.  Talk about being the great unifier!

May I digress?  Sure.

Back when I was in the Titty Bar business, everyone in the club knew the importance of proper lighting.  Keep it dark, or even better, keep the lights changing from flashy to dim, dim to flashy, strobing, pulsating, but ever-changing and never steady.  The purpose is obvious; never let the guys with the money see those entertainers (apologies to the many fine-looking ladies I've known, you're exempt from this discussion)...especially those known as "day-girls", and get a really good look at the object of their desire.  With very limited exception, the money dries up damn fast, when certain features are presented in the steady light of day.

Such is the case with this administration.  He isn't even pretty, anymore, to his own would-be devotees.  And for those of us on the Right, and truly anyone with their eyes open, he is easily identifiable as that which is evil, corrupt, political, unAmerican, anti-business, statist, unaccountable...I could go on and on...but the point is that we've never had a better poster-child for "wrong" than him.  There has never been a better catalyst for waking up average America than to have such blatant personification of skullduggery.  Simply put, Obama as a target of ire (less than an actual target) for Republicans is a good thing, and we''re likely to enjoy the fruits of keeping him alive.  At least as a target for impeachment proceedings, I might add.

On the other hand, and this is getting to my greater point (a long-winded process, I'm sorry to say) that his scarcity on the scene might ought to be attributable to very real concerns for his from his so-called friends.

If you agree with me that he's doing much good to galvanize the Right, and those folks on the Left (who are not total idiots, by the way) can see the same thing happening, what better time to shake things up?  If you're him, and you know how devious and despicable his comrades can be, would you be turning your back on any of them?  How easily would you sleep if you suspected that your own Brutus's needed to pin some scandalous dirt on their political rivals to maintain power?

Putting it another way, if Nancy knows she's currently #3 (until unseated as speaker by the swearing-in ceremonies) how passionately might she cling to that title if she considered a senate-floor stabbing could be afoot?

If the Dems could assassinate Obama and pin it on the Republicans (enter complicit left-wing media?), how would fortune smile on their power?  Would Soros authorize the sacrifice of his puppet if it meant the end-game would be at hand?  As Bricktop says in the movie Snatch, "You're really not much good to me alive now, are you Turkish?"

Fantastic, I know.  But, if I can imagine it, why then not they?  Does the Teleprompter-In-Chief imagine that possibility, too?

Does Princess Nancy?

Another question: Where's Joe Biden been?  Does he have a food-taster?  Is he deep in a concrete bunker somewhere?

Shouldn't he be?

Dear Obama: Continued good health to you, dickhead.  Watch your back.  Don't go changin'...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Suck Less

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and I was driving down the road from the Land of Livermush to fetch yet another dose of poison at the "Bleed 'em with leeches" Baptist hospital, and I noticed that traffic was lighter than usual.  Odd, I thought, until reminded why by an elementary school sitting dark and unused.

I suppose I already knew that schools were closed for Veterans Day, but I have to admit that the proof just chapped my hide.

If I get elected king (and it ain't that bad an idea), but if I get elected king only Veterans and their immediate family members get to take Veterans Day off work.  If you're some sucking-the-community-tit gubmint employee like a public school teacher, and you "have to" take the day off because the school is closed, at least have the compunction to take the money you received for sitting on your duff all day and donate it (without fanfare, thankeeverymuch) to something far worthier.  Like VALOUR-IT (h/t to my friend Kate, whose Team Marine is kicking ass, btw).

Or take those funds and send them to the Warrior Legacy Foundation.

Not that you get to feel particularly good about'll just suck a little less.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

To all those US Servicemen and women who have who have placed themselves in harm's way, and those who continue to do so, and the families of the finest and most honorable folks in all society,

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cavewoman Poll v2

On a recent cross-country train trip, I was seated next to the E*Trade baby.  He says to me, "Dude, can you puree livermush?"

And I'm like, "What?"

And he says, "You are the livermush guy, right?"

Me: Yeah, but you're on teevee.  You're the E*Trade baby.  Everybody knows you.  You're famous...I just have a well-written and very clever blog.

ETB (enthusiastically): Yeah, well, I'm famous, but I wouldn't be much of an E*Trade baby if I lived in a cave, with nothing more than a dirty diaper.  I have to stay on top of trends, you know?

Me: That makes sense.  Thanks for noticing.

ETB: Speaking of living in a cave, it's time to bring back the cavewoman poll.

Me: You noticed that, too?

ETB: Dude, where do you think all your site traffic comes from, adults?  And here's an idea for you: intead of regular actresses this time, how about using other recognizable TV personalities?

At this time, the E*Trade baby had to go back to the dining car for a meeting with his publicist.  But, I promised to get his management folks a sample of pureed livermush and work up a new CW poll per his recommendations.

Tallying the responses from the last cavewoman poll was daunting.  And we had our share of voter fraud, as you might have expected.  Talk about some hanging chads.  All I'm going to say rule: one vote per crib.

The overwhelmingly popular choice from poll #1 was Scarlett Johansson.  Or maybe that was just my choice regardless of the popular vote, I don't quite remember.

Here's the premise: I've got a wheelbarrow full of cash, and I want to do a remake of One Million Years BC.  Who shall I cast in the leading role (Raquel Welch's Loana)?

Last go 'round, the choices included several big-name Hollywood actresses that any filmgoer would recognize.  This time, however, to mix it up a bit, let's limit the casting call to females employed (on air) by the Fox News/ Fox Business channels.

Those of you who never stray far from your local news numbnuts may not be particularly familiar with this collection of talent.  And if you haven't yet considered how Juliet Huddy or Courtney Friel might fill out a loincloth, now's your chance to free your imagination.

My short-list casting call might include, but not be limited to:
Courtney Friel
Shannon Bream
Sandra Smith*
Juliet Huddy
Megyn Kelly (although she's a lawyer and not a real person, I know there are folks who like her)
Gretchen Carlson
Tracy Byrnes
Alisyn Camerota
Shibani Joshi*
Nicole Petallides*

*Fox Business Network...If you don't get it.  Demand it!

Feel free to write in anyone I've missed in the comments, and I'll launch the poll in the next week or so.  All comments should be respectful to both the newsbabes persons and especially the first most-perfect cavewoman, Ms. Welch.

Thanks for the advice, E*Trade Baby!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Bailout

If you're one of my elected representatives, when California comes seeking assistance from the federal gubmint, just say no.  The voters there have chosen to embrace liberalism instead of responsibility, and should be required to shoulder all of the burdens pertaining to their awful choices.

As Dennis Prager points out in today's,

We watch as one of the greatest places in the world -- with its extraordinary natural beauty, almost uniquely beautiful weather and agricultural abundance -- wastes all of this as a result of having become a left-wing experiment. What is particularly saddening is to see a state whose success was achieved because it was a Mecca for the adventurous in spirit do everything possible to crush that spirit and drive away those who have it.

There is a silver lining here: clarity. Americans living elsewhere need not elect liberal Democrats to know what will happen if they do. They only need to look at California if they want to see what happens to a state governed by the left (and, for that matter, they can look at Texas to see what happens to a state's finances when governed by the right).

The left and its teachers unions have ruined public education in California. The left and its public service unions have saddled the state with $500 billion in unfunded pension liability. California's left-governed cities have set themselves up as "sanctuary cities" for those who have come into America illegally. And the left passes more and more rules governing the behavior of California citizens. Two examples: San Francisco just banned McDonald Happy Meals because they come with a toy and therefore entice children to eat fattening food; and the Democratic legislature has made it illegal for a California employer -- even in a retail operation -- to ask a male employee who comes to work wearing a dress to wear men's clothing while at work.
And the left and its voters have cursed (and continue to do so) the rest of the country with the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, and other career shop-a-holics and big-government fiends.

No bailouts, no pork, no "stimuli", no earmarks, no lifeline.  Sink or swim, assholes.

I ask this rhetorical question of my fellow citizens...If you were asked to support a special tax to prop up the Golden State's "left-wing experiment", how violent would your reaction be?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch Magazine #14

You love great photography and videography, right?  No matter where you are, unless of course you're already wading a crick and waving a stick, you'd rather be fishing, right?

The best onliine fly-fishing magazine available is Catch Magazine.  And it's free.  Can't beat that.

Go there now.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puttin' My Money Where My Mouth Is

It ain't over.

This coming week, I have to go get some SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radio-Therapy), also known as Gamma-Knife, on three pesky little tumors in my chest.  And I've told you folks that the worser cancer is that which infects and infests our civilization.  Wanna know how serious I am about that?

I just sent (an otherwise sorely needed here at the International House of Livermush) $25 to Renee Elmers' fund to monitor the validity of a recount (which should NOT be happening) called for by that vile chunk of rancid carrion Bob Etheridge.

Remember Boob Etheridge?

Renee Elmers's district does not include me, but her representative voice certainly does.  I've heard her speak, and she is good people.

If you've said to yourself that those folks up in Minnesota should have done more to ensure voting integrity in the case of Al Franken stealing his Senatorial election, and looking back wonder whether a measly 25 bucks might have made a difference, know this: Your money today or this week can be directly applied to fighting voter fraud by a good candidate against an awful one.  You're stuck with funnyman Franken; you gonna let that happen again?

Alerted by Bubba (Thanks, Bud).

Renee Elmers:

Donate now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks, Skipper

Rest in peace, George 'Sparky' Anderson.  We're better for having known you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drivin' the Car

I like the "President's" car metaphor, but not the picture he paints with it.  He's driving it, all right.  But, he's drunk.  Or, he's smoking crack again.  But he's driving very recklessly, and his car is not road-worthy, and he is endangering the lives of everyone else on the road.  I think of his metaphorical car, and I picture that wobbly rig the Little Rascals built.
"We ain't gots no brakes, Alfalfa, we's free-wheelin'!"
Pull over, asshole.  Don't make us ram your punk ass into a bridge abutment.

Yield the right-of-way to vehicles capable of maintaining a safe speed in the fast lane, and operators who aren't obsessed with putting on makeup, driving with their knees, talking on the cell phone, and musing about their next appearance on Comedy Central or The View.  Your learner's permit has been revoked.

Or, as Michelle Malkin puts it today, Take Your Olive Branch And Shove It.

Now you say that if Republicans want to discuss changes to the healthcare fiasco, you're ready to listen?


Like you and your cronies were listening when you rammed that scheme, "deem-and-pass-it-so-we-can-find-out-what's-in-it, down our throats?

Driving the economy does not require, as you pretend, Democrats Corruptocrats and Republicans working together.  It requires you getting your ass out of the way.  Time for the adults to retake the wheel.

But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive. -Shakespeare

Read Skookum's open letter.

Stand and salute with your bowfinger, those who would name you as their enemy.

Rockin' the Tar Heel State...and updating...

Brief notes around much dancing of the happy dance at Livermush Central...

Lots of good news last night and this morning.  This from Katelynd Mahoney and The National Review, quoting Newt Gingrich:

Bigger, this is bigger than 1994. It’s a more decisive repudiation, the total number of seats will be bigger, I think the governorships are bigger, I think the state-legislature things, like [the Democrats’] losing North Carolina for the first time since 1898, is bigger.
H/T to the John Locke Foundation for the link.

Lots of evidence abounds, however, of much work yet to be done.

From the G'boro News & Record, a Republican majority in the NC General Assembly for the first time in over a hundred years.  That's both legislative houses, by gosh.

And I'll bet it's like fingernails on the chalkboard for the limpwristed McClatcheyites at the Charlotte Obscurer to report this.  Of course, the slant they kneejerk to is that mysterious big money played a more influential role for voters than did our raging bile over statism.  Witness:
State Republicans had an above-average fund-raising year, boosted by massive expenditures by Raleigh businessman Art Pope to support groups aligned with the GOP. Freed from limits on corporate contributions by a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, those outside groups flooded districts with campaign mail attacking Democrats and bought large blocks of time on radio and television.
And this is why Tea Party work is only beginning.  The institutional, liberal spin machine isn't taking the day off, so neither will we.

Not just a wave.

A cleansing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Video Monday

Less than one day remains of the most lopsided disadvantage American citizens have ever had versus their own government.  Tomorrow won't eradicate their corruption, but will only beat it back an inch or two.

Today, some videos to keep you focused...

From Bubba.  I wonder how many times I've been in this exact same discussion.

From Sister Toldjah and reasonTV:

The possibility of voter fraud does worry me, but the ineptitude and/or ignorance of actual voters presents a much deeper threat.


I wonder if Ziegler is interviewing voters again this go-round, as it'd be interesting to see if they're any better-informed.