Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go Ahead, Vote At It

You've been listening to FBI director James Comey equivocate over Hillary's guilt/intent, and it's as incredible as it is disgusting.  And sure, you thought perhaps the Clinton Crime Syndicate had "gotten" to him, after witnessing all the lie-ratcheting (see recent Bill Whittle Firewall re-posted below).  But, we all now know that he's long been in the tank for Team Clinton, financially.

That's the Director at the top, a political appointee.  Maybe you even half expect that kind of behavior, or you aren't quite surprised by it.  And you'd like to imagine that such decrepitude exists only at the top, or in the bureaucrat levels, not the field agents, right?

The FBI wouldn't stoop to cold-blooded murder, of an American citizen, would they?  Just because that citizen was critical of the Federal Government?  No.  But when others start paying attention to the critic's message, and especially if that message indicts the land-and-power-grabbing brothers in arms of that FBI, you better bet that they would.  You better bet they'll cover it up and lie about it, too.  Why did Mr. Finicum reach toward his side, if not for a firearm?  Watch and see.  (H/T to Brock at FreeNC)

What, you think the lapdog media will give this analysis any legs?  Cue this certain Aerosmith song (Every time I look in the mirror...)

I imagine that if there was one agent over there with any Fidelity, Bravery, or Integrity, he or she would be culling out the bad apples like Comey and those assassins in Oregon.  Because, fidelity and bravery and integrity don't require orders or authorization.  Is there one?

While the Kabuki election theatre rages on, the Law Enforcement people who you should be able to trust the most, are plotting and executing and covering up the assassination of people who speak out against them, and jailing their associates.  Maybe you think doing your little part for Liberty extends so far as a number 2 pencil and a form on election day, but no farther.

Well, that would just be tough luck for America, huh?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Buppert: Communication Breakdown

New from Bill Buppert on the flow of information.  A sample?  Why not...

Strip the theater and sound and fury of the Kabuki known as American politics and you discover just how much you have surrendered in the process. You have quite literally slipped a leash around your neck, fastened the manacles to your limbs and abide by a contract that let’s your precious government tax, regulate, fine, kidnap, cage, maim or kill you as they wish and you will simply have to be satisfied with whatever condition you and your kin end up in.

"Kin", as defined by Carter's Josey Wales does not necessarily mean blood relatives, but those who fundamentally think and act alike for the most part, but who also will defend each other unconditionally.  If you think they're kin, but they aren't already eager to break their addiction to the matrix, they're no different whatsoever from Lot's wife, looking back on Sodom.

Looking forward to some F2F communicatin' this week. It's always the same...drivin' me insane...

Bah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, nah, nah, nah.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bracken: Tsunami

It ends a bit awkwardly, but this video is an excellent compilation of some of Matt's recent appearances on Alex Jones' InfoWars.  An absolute "must see".

Friday, September 23, 2016

An Answer to Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob,

I know you didn't solicit any correspondence, but here it is anyway.

My first exposure to your very very fine writing was the weekly Focus newspaper's carriage of your Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In features.  A stack of Focus papers was at the door, and another at the bar, at Ten Years After tavern, where I frequently ruled the pool room and occasionally frammed out some power chords in the Wednesday night blues jam.  That had to be back in the 80's, so I've been a fan for quite a while.

So, my initial reaction to your Taki Mag column, Barney Fife Runs North Carolina is great disappointment.  You're a much, much better writer than I am, but I hope to counter or correct some of your wrong-headed article.  While you're an acknowledged (and well-trained, obviously) professional, I am but a lowly amateur, butchering prose to anybody who'll listen.  Which is usually nobody.

Let's begin with your empathy (cloaked in your twisted concept of "Southern moral values and philosophy") to the transgender-surgery seekers, and the medical nonsense that they were born with an error-gene.  Would you concede the notion that, given the prospect for a federal funding windfall, some "genetic medical researchers" might actually fabricate this "scientific evidence" that you've rubber-stamped in your article?  Is your next article going to beat the drum for settled global warming science?

Am I suggesting that your empathy is invalid?  No, just woefully misapplied.  I think your editor recognized this, and maybe just didn't want to crush that little burgeoning social justice warrior heart.

You're absolutely correct that the ACC pulling events probably hurt North Carolinians more than any of those others, because basketball IS dear to our culture.  Even though I've largely eschewed much of my own need for entertainment, that one stung a bit.  But then, so is the concept of self-determination a real part of our culture, even if it's buried deep within our souls and nearly long-forgotten.

Is the legal definition of bathroom options the hill we want to die on for the sake of Liberty?  No.  But, I'll tell you something you've missed in this: we're mighty sick of just conceding the optics battle for the sake of fighting somewhere better, later on.  You can be as accepting as you wish of those gender-confused misfits, and your New York new-normal homosexuals.  But we'd like some say in what we consider normal, versus what we consider perverted, or abnormal.

I'll go on record to say that I am very much against the notion of legislating the finer points of morality.  I would very much prefer to live and let live.  But, and I've said this time and again, this week's "tolerate us" is next week's "bake our fucking cakes, you haters, or be forced out of business."  If the nation is to be a nation, then the first thing its government has got to do is define (and maintain) its limits, those borders.  Guns pointed outwards.  If my State has any validity at all, it has to have its guns pointed outward too, at those who'd force it to be something it's not, or something to which a tiny minority would have the rest of us accede.  And, that State has to be willing to cut the umbilical to Uncle Sugar (and the centers of debauchery in New York, Chicago, and LA).  I'd rather not even have a governor, but as long as there is one, I'm happy he'll fight the outsiders' insistence on normalizing perversions.  And I'll endorse that kind of fight on any hill.

And so, the thing that's the most wrong-headed of your column, is your willingness to jump on the yankee bandwagon and use our culture, like a cudgel, against us.  Shame on you.  Or, as Gomer would say, "shame, shame, shame."  Here's the clue-bat, Joe Bob: basketball is not the religion of North Carolina, much as that fact may disappoint you.  It is entertainment, and part of our history and culture.  But, our religion is much much deeper than basketball and all the sports, and all the self-righteous music stars and Hollywood celebrities, and all the New York and DC fuck-withs.  And even far more important than the clever Texas writers we thought we loved.

You very well could have shown the hypocrisy of those same big-dollar entertainment associations, like the NCAA's willingness to whore themselves to the far-less sympathetic cultures abroad, no?  But you didn't.  You chose the elitist bandwagon.  The Dook coach has more fans in New Jersey than he has in NC, so please do us the courtesy of not citing him as a standard of "classiness".

Your boycotts and your derision might hurt, financially and emotionally.  We do like the entertainment, and had largely become addicted to it.  But, we'll still have plenty of culture without your dollars, and without Springsteen browbeating us with his faux patriotism.  Feel free to go your own way, Joe Bob.  You are no more a child of the South than that former Arkansas governor who won't go away. Keep your condescending cultural cudgels right the fuck out.  Or, keep 'em coming.  Because eventually more of my neighbors will get fed up with having our noses rubbed in some yankees' preferred cultural standards.

Our culture has gone to shit.  Every effort to staunch the bleeding has failed.  I'd like to know when good intelligent people are of like mind, but it's just as valuable in the long run to know who isn't.  I would have at least expected more intellectual honesty from you, Joe Bob.

I would have just expected better, overall.

One last thing: Aunt Bea doesn't care for you putting words in her mouth or pretending to side with her.  And she doesn't care for your new-normal perversions, either.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Via KAHR40, Bill Whittle's Firewall on the Lie Ratchet.

Via WRSA & Jim Sinclair, Ann Barhardt on all that Kabuki Theatre.

Via Anarchyball's twitter and the SchoolSucks Project:

Via David Wood, Muhammed vs Jesus:

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Charles Hugh Smith on The Media

The Mainstream Media Bet the Farm on Hillary--and Lost

"The mainstream media has failed: it has failed its sacred duty in a democracy to report the facts and let the voters decide what is or isn't important, it has engaged in orchestrated deception, refusing to report facts that cast a shadow over their chosen candidate, it has failed to cast a skeptical eye on its chosen candidate's actions and private accumulation of wealth, and it has attempted to block legitimate inquiries into Hillary's wealth and health with crass, propagandistic attacks and smear campaigns against anyone who dares question Hillary's MSM-granted "right" to be coronated president in January 2017."

American Pravda.  There are those of us who have been conned, those who've been coerced, and those who've been co-opted.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Let's Crank It Back Up

Embracing the "Endarkenment" was a good thing, but it's time to roll this hot rod out of the shed, kick the tires, check the oil, crank her up, and run some bicyclists in the ditch.