Sunday, October 25, 2009

A feller you'd like to know

I was immediately convinced post-9/11, that winning a war in Afghanistan was a necessity. And that fighting and winning in Iraq would undoubtedly be necessary, eventually, too. And I also, very quickly, considered the same might hold true for Pakistan and Iran and Yemen and Somalia, because there are people in those places who've been taught the value of blaming and hating us for decades, specifically those young men from the Madrassas. I knew then, and have not changed my thinking since, that our war against terrorism will be an unflinching battle that will take decades, itself. And if we mistakenly elect so-called leaders who vacillate on that point, the real fighting will take that much longer to bear fruit.

And I know how unpopular that notion is: a war on many fronts that lasts longer than a Pocket Fisherman infomercial, and longer than a season of American Idol, and a Presidential term, and a new car, and the birth-to-adulthood generation of your children. But, like it or not, I accepted the truth of the matter. There is a religious war. It was (un)declared on my country and my culture and everyone else who refuses to acknowledge and accept Islam. And, any Muslims who have not yet distanced themselves from their radical brethren aren't just peaceful bystanders. They're along for the ride, and will happily stake a land-claim on your vacated country after you've been routed on your own trail of tears to an infidel's reservation.

I didn't know Uncle Jimbo back then, and have only enjoyed the benefit of his work since launching my own blog (and the ensuing search for like-minded people). He just reposted this video. I like it so well, I'm posting it also.

Here's a hypothetical scenario. Let's say you're a Dakota Sioux American Indian, and people who practice the Religion Of Peace, Christianity, have started murdering other tribes over their unwillingness to conform or assimilate to Christianity. Would you not want to be forewarned of that impending danger? How loudly or authoritatively would you, Miss Dakota Sioux American Indian lady, need to be shaken from your stupor, to pull you away from the Oprah channel long enough to read the smoke signals? Would you suggest that there's plenty of time for someone else to do something to stop those Christians' schemes? Would you just pretend it's just a matter of extending them more tolerance and understanding?

Consider yourself warned.

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