Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hooray, by God, For Oath Keepers

"It doesn't matter if we're 'allowed or not', that's wrong." -SSgt. Joshua May

Allow me, please, just a few pertinent points, and then enjoy the video.  During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, some National Guardsmen were ordered to confiscate firearms (all kinds of firearms) from citizens in New Orleans.  Stewart Rhodes founded Oath Keepers, in part, because of those actions, but also as a manner of reinforcing the foundation that a U.S. Serviceperson's Oath is to defend the Constitution.

S.Sgt. May wasn't in Oath Keepers during Katrina (because it hadn't been invented yet, duh), but his actions embody the very essence of what Oath Keepers is.

S.Sgt. May did a couple of things worth celebrating.  He joined, and represents, the National Guard for the right reason: to help protect his neighbors.  He understands and embraces the Constitution.  He has the balls, regardless of whether his CO agrees (and with some perceived risk to his security clearance, being in Military Intel), to stand up and declare that disarming citizens is wrong.  It's a great thing that his fellow soldiers knew enough to agree and support him, and that's why I'm a big fan of Oath Keepers.  This is why we now have such a thing as Oath Keepers, to give a foundation of support and knowledge of the Constitution to those soldiers such that they can feel confident and secure in doing the right thing.  Oh, but if there'd have been a few more Sgt. May's there in Louisiana...

Here's you a feel-good video for the day:

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