Friday, September 10, 2010

NC Sheriff's Association Wants Your Prescription Info

From Drudge and the News & Obscurer, the NC Sheriff's Association wants access to your medical records.  Their argument is that there's practically no way to enjoy their donuts and perform crime-fighting responsibilities in a traditional manner, so why not just make it easier for them?  What's the big deal about a little invasion of privacy, anyway?

Okay, let's assume there is widespread prescription drug abuse.  Is warrantless access to a citizen's health information even remotely a good idea?  Ever?  I know, or have known, lots of cops, but there isn't any one of them I want knowing that much detail about me.  And I don't even take prescription drugs.

Lynn Bonner, in the N&O quoted Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter as saying, "We can better go after those who are abusing the system."

And we're expected to believe there'd never be any abuse by the authorities against one of my neighbors?

So, in order to stop drug abuse, good North Carolina citizens must condone and accept police intrusion on their liberties?

I'm all for enforcement of the law, but not at the expense of personal privacy, so I say no thanks.  If you can't do the job of law enforcement without reading a person's private medical information, then either you just can't do the job, or that job doesn't need doing.

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