Sunday, December 5, 2010


In an effort to be more organized, blog-wise, I am planning on taking the "Outdoors" portion and branching it into a stand-alone effort.  I have several reasons for thinking this a good idea, but chief among them is that currently, posting every thought here on the ST&L leaves any reader with an "It's Wednesday at the Mickey Mouse Club, Anything Can Happen Day" everyday kinda expectations.  That can have its benefits, but can get tiresome, too.

And hopefully, branching off would help direct more clarity of focus, plus drive me to maintain higher standards of productivity, continuity, and quality.

I just recently had been trying to use the "page create" function to add a second page to this one, towards that purpose.  But, there wasn't a way to whittle out sidebar elements (that's what happened to the Atlas poll) on one page without losing it on the other.

I'll be playing around with templates to see what I like, and something new should be forthcoming within a week or two...

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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