Tuesday, March 1, 2011


How many things (that you can enjoy in public) are better than this?


  1. Who said Fairtax?

    I was a fairtax cult member, till I escaped.

  2. Well, giddy up with your crop-dustin' ass, then. You want to make an argument for an alternative, the floor is your'n, but dropping a link in my comments is fowl excrement.

    I'm aboard with the fairtax, largely because I think it's marketable to legislators and taxpayers alike. And it's the closest thing to (not to mention a quantum leap toward) a FLAT tax. Wanna have a debate on the topic? Then, man up, buttercup!

    How did you like the Split Lip Rayfield? Me, I wish Jeff Rundgren hadn't succumbed. RIP.