Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank You, Sir

I was able to join a friend who had tickets to a recent game in Chapel Hill, two Saturdays ago versus Rutgers.  My friend also had his 7-year-old in tow, and they did some of the 7yo stuff at Tar Heel Town, while I went off in search of some cool refreshments.

Walking around Tar Heel Town, I went right past the soon-to-be-former Athletic Director having his lunch sitting on the steps of one of the campus buildings.  I immediately wished I'd have stopped and said hello, but he was eating...and I try mind my manners to the point of not being a bother to someone mid-meal.

I did hustle my way back around THT and tell my friend about who I'd just seen.  Really?  No way.

Yeah, really...and way.

But, I regretted not slipping back by and manufacturing a way to shake his hand.

Later, though, I would get my wish when my friend had to take the youngun to the little fellers room.  I was standing in the shade just inside Kenan Stadium.  And, right by me walks Mr. Baddour.

"Mr. Baddour," I say, "thanks for all you've done for this University."

He actually thanked ME for asking him for the photo-op!  Remarkable.

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