Sunday, February 10, 2013

For The Upland Journal Gentlemen

Know this: nobody wants to dispose of all the "political talk" any more than we do.  We don't like it anymore, and probably much less, than you do.

But, as Bill Whittle says, "...politics has invaded everything.  And my friends, politics sucks."  It is our freedom to pursue happiness that is trampled upon.  You oldschool UJ'ers may be coming late to the party, in that some things that make you happy are currently getting constricted by the federal leviathan, but we've been getting "unhappied" for quite some time now.

You're not unlike those folks who'd previously been suckered into the Cult of Celebrity when they opened that first paycheck of 2013.  OMG, is right!

Fearful people are not happy people...

And we can all be happy, if we put...if we put this invasive, collectivist, ever-growing monstrosity of a State, back into the beautiful, competent, frugal, well-ordered, fiscally-responsible, government-sized box that it originally came in.

Thanks to NCRenegade for the video...which somehow otherwise slipped under the Livermush radar.

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