Thursday, September 12, 2013


Help the "Brilliant One" kick-start World War III.  "And any moon war he might want to start..."

Hat tip: NCRenegade

Because Obama, y'all.

Do you really think it (getting checkmated into global conflict) is an accidental move on Obama's part, rather than his assisted/orchestrated destruction of America?  Was this what he was confiding with Putin over, when he said "Wait until after the election, for more flexibility"?

Whether you believe that he is a narcissistic mad scientist or a choom-gang buffoon, the results are the same: America is sliding further and faster towards its own undoing.  I suggest that that is by design, not coincidence.

It'd be funny, if it wasn't so terribly, incontrovertibly real.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, I'll remind you of the scene in Jaws, where Hooper tells the Mayor that the dimensions on the vandalized billboard are accurate, that the real threat dwarfs the scale of your comprehension.

They're intentionally wrecking the economy.  Intentionally weakening America's fighting strength, and global image.  Intentionally corrupting and dulling its citizens' senses.  Intentionally ramping up the police-state and confiscating your wealth.  They are killing American business and thwarting the notion of energy independence.  Intentionally castrating America for the benefit of the Chinese, Russians, Koreans, and muslims.  They're killing the terrorists, no, they're placating the terrorists, no, they've got the terrorists on the run, no, they're only helping the "moderate" terrorists, and maybe you Constitutionalists are the real terrorists.  They are intentionally making you feel more inept, overwhelmed, and alone.  It's manufactured crisis on top of manufactured crisis.

It's like a cheesy SyFy Channel movie: MegaOligarchoShark!

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

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