Sunday, October 13, 2013

If You See Something...

Say Something, right?

That's the line from Big Sis, that we're supposed to warn the government of potential threats (to them, of course).

But what if the nefarious mucking about belongs to those untrustworthy vultures in our current regime?

Would we know them if we saw them?  Could we differentiate them from the friendlies?

With talk of truckers shutting down DC, and a Million Vet March on the Capitol to restore access to their own Memorials (physically, if necessary, I'm sure), how unsurprised would you be at an armed force to "quell the resistance?"

I saw these on Thursday & Friday, and had to wonder about their legitimacy...

Those of you out there marching or trucking to stick your thumbs in the tyrant's eye: be careful, please.

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