Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Southport Murderer Indicted for Manslaughter

I just got back from a long weekend that was too short.

I learned while I was out on the ocean that the Brunswick County DA announced a Grand Jury had indicted Bryon Vance Vassey for manslaughter, for shooting and killing 18-year old Keith Vidal on Jan 5.

Reports say the murderer has been released after having to post only $50,000 bond.  That seems particularly cheap, as does the manslaughter charge rather than 1st degree murder.  It also seems odd that the SBI, originally reported to be taking the investigatory lead, has not released a report.

Worth noting, the NC Police Benevolent Association says, "Detective Vassey employed authorized law enforcement action to stop the continuing threat of deadly harm to Officer John Thomas and others."  But that statement contradicts Vassey's own recorded statement to his dispatcher claiming he fired in response to a perceived threat to his own life.  This is a good example for you to remember if/when the NCPBA calls you up seeking a donation to their slush-fund.  Remind them that you know they're prone to fabricating stories to exonerate murderers, and you'd rather not fund such thuggery.

Another story that doesn't quite jibe: "Southport police chief Jerry Dove said Vassey, who has been with the department for nine years, has a spotless record..." (State Port Pilot).  I heard rumors from Southport locals that Vassey has had a recent history as a loose cannon, a "heavy badge" prone to throwing his LEO weight around.  So, which is it, Chief Dove?

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