Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Setting the Stage

And, I might add, the stooge.

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there get a sense that the recent spate of Secret Service "blunders" allowing armed or otherwise threatening persons near to the pResident is a bit too theatric?

If you subscribe to Ann Barnhardt's characterization of Ogabe as nothing but an expendable faggot, how much of a stretch is it to imagine that his handlers are grooming him for Commie martyrdom?

Stooge candidates are probably sitting on a casting couch this very minute: white, southern, Christian, ex-military, home-schooled, with long-term food stores and a pickup truck.  Probably all bought AR15's from Eric Holder, too.
UPDATE...This just in: Secret Service chief falls on sword.  Theatrical.  Very.

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  1. I read that Pierson was relentless and ruthless in her climb to the top of the Secret Service and finally got there, mainly due to her Affirmative Action genitalia - no woman should be allowed in the SS unless she can do everything a man is required to do, and maybe then the female agent wouldn't have gotten knocked on her kiester - the "Intruder" would have been dead on the lawn if real men were in charge and the agents were allowed to do what they are supposed to do (reminds me of the ROE in Afghanistan where our men are getting slaughtered for no good reason).

    To your point about maybe our PINO is being groomed for Commie(/muslim) martyrdom, considering Soeotoro's past behavior, he could very well have AIDS (we never got to see his medical records like every other past POTUS - could this be why?) - Michelle is along for the ride, knows he is a fag, and despises him as much as we do - Barry is an admitted druggie and likely still is. What bothers me most is the total lack of effective RESISTANCE to this Traitorous Regime - that shocks me on a daily basis.