Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do We Need It?

Government, that is.  Do you need it?

I'm sure that if I said that I do not need it, a tsunami of dot-gov pain infliction would ensue.  Immediately after one branch of guvmint delivered a busload of recently-incarcerated felons at my driveway, another branch would begin demolishing a "state" road. A third would fine me for environmentally unsustainable noncompliance regarding my greenhouse.  The 4th branch, operating on the presumption that my "rights" are gifts from my government, claim that by refusing government I've abdicated my rights to property and self-preservation, and they therefore must take my legal tender and weaponry.  The fifth branch imprisons me for hate speech, when I voice my displeasure regarding the convicts.

If I were to withdraw my consent, would I be free to just go?

Thought exercise...if South Carolina had been allowed to peaceably exit the Union, would there have been a War of Northern Aggression?  Which other states would also secede?  Certainly not North Carolina, since they were forced into secession by the Union's insisting she send her sons to fight against the perceived "rebellion", n'est ce pas?

This is the best video I've seen on the value of "our Republic" and voting.  And, I think it may also be the best video I've posted.

And, I'll be ordering this book by Larken Rose (not that I'll subscribe to his theological bent).
Thanks to Bill Buppert's ZeroGov, and this essay: Kill the State of Consent: Voting is Nonsense


  1. Very interesting - I never heard of Larken Rose or listened to a real bona fide anarchist before - he sounds a lot like Ms. Barnhardt, but she believes in God, Jesus, as her highest authority. Can a true anarchist be a Christian, too? Why am I still up???
    I still can't bring myself to watch the video about with the badly beaten man - is that Frein? They will never let him go to trial to defend himself - nothing is what it seems.

  2. Can an anarchist be a Christian? Good question, and why couldn't he/she? Is it not enough that we obey God's laws, His commandments?

    You're still up because you're still on Kiwi time, perhaps. Or, it's the daylight savings thing. Old Indian saying, "only government can believe that by cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it onto the bottom, can one have a longer blanket."

    No, that video is not of Frein. It's a guy named Robert Leone, whose crimes were: being mistaken for a hit-and-run and failure to stop. " He was beaten four (4) times over the course of 11-hours, and not once had he acted maliciously" said the story. If you can't watch the video, just read the full story at the link in my posted article.

    If Frein's victims had similarly committed something this heinous, and he was retaliating for it, then I say he was perfectly justified and heroic in meting out the justice to the thugs. If such is true, and Frein's case does make it to trial, I can't wait to see it.

    One of the ways we're unlearning our normalcy bias is how we're slower to accept the Big Media narrative. If Frein really is this hero, those of us in FreeFor truly must be ready to sift through the BS and recognize it, or at least be prepared to do so.