Friday, April 24, 2015


I suspect that Skankles Clinton's announcement of intended candidacy may just be a smokescreen for the DNC, and that they intend to suckerpunch the Clintonistas with "I'm 1/12 Cherokee" Elizabeth Warren, maybe sometime after all the Rebublicrats have announced.

If so, how about a name-that-indian exercise for Warren's version of stolen valor?

My contribution is: Suckles With Wolves


*I'm sorry for bastardizing Sioux(?) movie language just to make a point.


  1. The Dakota Sioux forgive you only cuz that's pretty funny.
    You have seen Ms. Warren referred to Fauxcahontas, right? David Yeagley, may he rest in peace, had some interesting words to say about Ms. Warren, who very well could be anointed by the Dems as our first Female/Native American running for POTUS.

  2. Thanks, Sioux. I had not heard "Fauxcahontas". Good to hear from you; appreciate your contribution (and especially your forgiveness).

  3. Side note, Sioux...I am currently reading Forrest Carter's "The Education of Little Tree" and loving it. I had read, earlier this year, Carter's Josey Wales novels, "Gone To Texas" and "The Vengeance Trail" and was smitten by his reverence and compassion for the Cherokee, Comanche, and Apache. As great as the movie was, those two books are even better. The characters in the books, notably Lone Watie and Little Moonlight are richer and not as caricatured as the movie parts. Highly recommended.

  4. Nothing to forgive, m'dear - you are a busy man. Hope you had fun at PatCon. Saw that you were teaching fly casting or something. Good on you, mate!
    Thanks for the book recommendations - I read a similar book years ago about growing up on the Pine Ridge rez with the missionary schools, etc. Do you know the controversy surrounding Carter? More Yankee hyperbole or lies about him or partial truths - who knows...

    1. I'd actually read, I think, a Wikipedia entry that just flatly said Carter was racist. Since there was no detail or elaboration, I figured that was just scuttlebutt to keep folks from reading him. Perhaps it's true that Carter once said something favorable about a segregationist. Crucify him!

      If Carter was a racist, then we should all aspire to the same level of discrimination. He was a great American writer.

  5. Informed Discrimination is a good thing.