Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go Ahead, Vote At It

You've been listening to FBI director James Comey equivocate over Hillary's guilt/intent, and it's as incredible as it is disgusting.  And sure, you thought perhaps the Clinton Crime Syndicate had "gotten" to him, after witnessing all the lie-ratcheting (see recent Bill Whittle Firewall re-posted below).  But, we all now know that he's long been in the tank for Team Clinton, financially.

That's the Director at the top, a political appointee.  Maybe you even half expect that kind of behavior, or you aren't quite surprised by it.  And you'd like to imagine that such decrepitude exists only at the top, or in the bureaucrat levels, not the field agents, right?

The FBI wouldn't stoop to cold-blooded murder, of an American citizen, would they?  Just because that citizen was critical of the Federal Government?  No.  But when others start paying attention to the critic's message, and especially if that message indicts the land-and-power-grabbing brothers in arms of that FBI, you better bet that they would.  You better bet they'll cover it up and lie about it, too.  Why did Mr. Finicum reach toward his side, if not for a firearm?  Watch and see.  (H/T to Brock at FreeNC)

What, you think the lapdog media will give this analysis any legs?  Cue this certain Aerosmith song (Every time I look in the mirror...)

I imagine that if there was one agent over there with any Fidelity, Bravery, or Integrity, he or she would be culling out the bad apples like Comey and those assassins in Oregon.  Because, fidelity and bravery and integrity don't require orders or authorization.  Is there one?

While the Kabuki election theatre rages on, the Law Enforcement people who you should be able to trust the most, are plotting and executing and covering up the assassination of people who speak out against them, and jailing their associates.  Maybe you think doing your little part for Liberty extends so far as a number 2 pencil and a form on election day, but no farther.

Well, that would just be tough luck for America, huh?

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