Monday, January 19, 2009

Esse Quam Videri!

Say something profound, asshole.

I've thought for some time about creating a blog, but have struggled with the prospect of deciding on its content, maintaining a sense of direction and purpose, and most basically, remaining committed to production. The thoughts are there, and so are the many experiences that influence them, but the dedication to spill those thoughts onto the page (especially at anything like a regular basis) has always been a tough, tough hurdle for me. Partly, it's a general unwillingness for different parts of my brain to function in concert: the imagination is going at the speed of light and the vocabulary is stuck in traffic. Or maybe that's just an excuse... something that everyone experiences, and will get easier with practice. Dunno.

Fact of the matter is, though, I write very, very slowly. And so it is difficult to bite off what will be a long time chewing. But, I shall forge ahead undaunted. Like Chief Dan George's character in the Outlaw Josey Wales, I'll "endeavor to persevere." And like I have always done, I'll embrace that which is the most difficult. Or, almost always, anyway.

What shall I blog about? Damn good question. I'm quite sure that the subject matter will include...

Well, no, I'm not sure about that, either.

Politics? Maybe.

Music and Literature? Certainly.

Things that amuse only me? Now, we're talking.

Sports and movies? Oh, yeah.

Will it have any kind of structure? Unlikely.

A good friend once advised me that I write on any employment application that I am an asshole, just to get that fact out there for prospective employers to see. The reason being, he said, to discourage them from seeking my opinion, because they would universally dislike hearing it. Good advice to you, fair reader! I've pissed off nigh everyone I've ever met...don't think you're special, just because you rode the short-bus to school.

Indeed, that might be what I'm best at: equally offending everyone. Lofty standards, I know.

Some things I'm passionate about (or give at least half a shit, anyway), in no particular order:
  • Hunting and fishing. Specifically, upland hunting (pheasant, quail, grouse, woodcock) with my German Shorthaired Pointer, Maggie, and flyfishing for trout. I should like to document my adventures afield.
  • Golf. I've generally been good at just about everything I've ever done, except golf. I hope to report this year about breaking 80 or a hole-in-one, either would be firsts.
  • Patriotism and national security. If you're a terrorist, I'd like to meet you. And shoot you. If you want to set the terrorists free from Gitmo, I don't necessarily want to shoot you, but I hope you choke to death on a chicken bone.
  • Movies. I love stuff that's inventive, well-written, well-acted, well-produced, and well-directed. Easy to please, am I.
  • Fiction. Currently, my favorites are Charles Frazier and Robert Morgan.
  • Music. I like what I like because I'm smarter than you, and because I don't depend on anyone else to tell me what's good. What I like is good, because I like it. What you like probably sucks.
  • Photography. I said I like it, not that I'm any good at it. Actually, I think the occasional photo-essay might be a good idea. I do like Bobzillas picture-blogs that document his travels. Once I move from SLR to digital, this'll be easier to integrate.
  • Sports. Notably, UNC athletics, Panthers football, Hurricanes hockey, and Cincinnati Reds baseball. I used to be a rabid Reds fan...then I went on strike. Now, I'm back. Sorta.
While I'm here, I read the report about Julius Peppers' desire to no longer play for the Panthers, and am perplexed, to say the least.

I am inclined to believe that this is some kind of ploy to get something, but I'm not convinced it's more money. Let me say that his legendary performances in Chapel Hill do NOT earn him a pass from scrutiny in Charlotte, my being a fan of both incarnations. I don't necessarily think he takes plays off, just that his super-powers sometimes feel the effect of some mysterious kryptonite. Often, I've noticed that he doesn't particularly enjoy hitting anyone that is in the process of hitting back, like a running-back coming straight at him, or tackling anyone where he wouldn't be the only tackler. I think it's fear of injury.

I believe he wants to force the removal of the Defensive Coordinator, and I don't blame him. Trgovac may be a great guy, but I don't see him as a coordinator. I didn't when Del Rio left, and don't now. From a fan's perspective, he doesn't seem to have the foresight into shutting down what any given opponent does well, and always seems to be late in reacting to an opposing team's successes. I think he's clueless. If you're a Panthers fan, when was the last time you felt like the scheme was infallible, regardless of the principals? Exactly. And if it really was one versus the other, would you rather have Jules playing the way he always has, full-speed sometimes, gingerly sometimes, but with the occasional flash of brilliance, or Trgovac's...what was it he does well?

But I didn't mean to digress...this was a blog about the blog. See how I am?

Esse Quam Videri is the North Carolina motto. It's Latin for "To be, rather than to seem." That said, I shall endeavor, in this space, to BE a writer, rather than to seem like one. Wish me luck. Or wish me the fortitude to be prolific. Perhaps with enough practice, I'll produce something worth keeping.

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