Thursday, January 22, 2009

A horse is a horse

My friend Ted asked me along yesterday to go look at a horse he's thinking of buying for his wife. I had gotten what I felt was a relatively productive morning of work done (not that it's lead to real income, but...) I agreed to take a few hours and ride along, partly to pipe-dream-slash-window-shop for a horse for myself.

The animal in question is a handsome Appaloosa. Actually, I think they'd already decided on getting the horse, because Ted told me that the Missus wanted to give him an Indian name that starts with the letter, "N". Why an Indian name? I dunno. Why the letter, "N"? Dunno that, either.

After he said that, I kept thinking about it. Not quite dwelling on the question, but it kept creeping back in my thoughts: Indian name that starts with "N"...Indian name that starts with "N"...

He finished the transaction, and dropped me off back at my house. I left to run a few errands, and kept thinking, "I'm sure I can think of a male Indian name that starts with 'n'..." Then, about the time I got home again, and was putting the milk in the 'fridge, it came to me.

I sent him the following email:

I thought of an indian name for your horse. Years ago, when cable tv was new, TBS showed the Atlanta Braves almost every game. And they had a big teepee out in the left field stands of Atlanta-Fulton County stadium, where every time a Braves player hit a home run, Chief NOCKAHOMA would come out and do a war-dance around his teepee. There you go.

Having not heard back from him, I don't think he thought much of the name.

Giddy-up, Nockahoma!

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