Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Go get 'em, Sarah!

Why do I have such high regard for Ms. Palin? Mostly because I think she shares the sentiment that there is little or no need to be a great politician in order to be a great leader. I listen to what she says, and I have the sense that what she says is an extension of who she is, not a fabrication of what she thinks someone wants to hear.

If she wants to be a hockey coach, the first female President (never thought I'd say that or see it happen in my lifetime), start a late-night television show on Fox to trounce the Lettermans and would-be-Lettermans of the world, or write a book and have a public-speaking tour in support of it (hey Sarah, do you want a co-writer?), I'm behind her 100%.

Thanks to Kate and Beth for the video.

Also, check out Lemuel's report featuring Thomas Lifson's take.

I keep reading the same phrase from good folks, "Go get 'em, Sarah."


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