Thursday, June 25, 2009

Countdown to whupass...

Update: For a truly magical combination, click play on the playlist player above (Rebel Son's One Way Or Another) while you read this post.

Hey there, you crazy kids! I just put the O!Bummer countdown widget on my blog. How cool is that?! Just over thirteenhundred days to go. Still seems awfully long. Unbearably so. I still hope he chokes to death on a chicken-bone. Yeah, that's mean, but he hates America...and I hate anyone who hates America. Frankly, I think he should simply say, "You know what? I realize now what an indefensible scam I've perpetrated on the USA, and fully confess my ineptitude...I shall resign my post immediately to perhaps save my Negro brethren from further embarrassment."

On a distantly related note, by a show of hands, how many among you would subscribe to a pay-per-view event that pitted Sarah Palin against John Kerry in a no-rules, steel-cage, bareknuckles, death-match?

Me too!

We all know that Sarah-Cuda's intellect runs wide circles around Kerry's and O!Bummer's and Biden's and well, all those socialists. But don't you think she could righteously whip any of them, anytime, anywhere, and for any amount of money? Wouldn't it be just cooler than all git-out to see Kerry laying in a pool of his own tears & piss & blood, with Governor Palin standing over him saying, "Ah shucks, John, there you go again...bleedin' all over my pretty shoes."

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