Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It is ALIVE...

Wow, it's been nearly a month since the last post. This is the longest drought of blogging production since I launched the blog. At least, I rested on a good article in that most recent effort.

What? How can I blatantly say that it was good? Well, I wrote it, that's why.

The lack of production from me, though, hasn't been due to a lack of remarkable subject matter. Since that most-recent post, in fact, I've been able to do some fly-fishing with a niece and nephew on separate occasions, ride horses at the new club-land, had a family reunion, actually had a job interview (don't ask), go camping twice, and take in a new member of the household (a fox terrier named "Sweety"). All that in addition to cancelling a trip to some doctors at MD Anderson (I'm firing those bozos) and seeing a new (better) one in North Carolina, who scoffed at the need for more CT scans, and their associated high dosages of unnecessary additional radiation (not to mention their $3000+ each price tag), and after careful examination, issued me a clean bill of health. That report only served to confirm what I already knew. But apparently, some folks give those so-called "doctors" more credibility than they do me. Money down the drain, in my opinion. Quacks.

Part of the productivity problem is the current ongoing struggle against financial ruin. For a while, the juggling act of putting off one bill to pay another left this blogger without internet service. Not the end of the world (that comes next month when the mortgage goes unpaid). But heck, what does one 40-something white guy and his business future matter in comparison to the prospect of growing the federal and state governments and everyone's dependency thereupon? Apparently not so much.

Am I not a shining example of what gets sacrificed in pursuit of the hope-n-change nonsense?

If you know me, and you've seen the economic effect this administration's actions have had on me and my business, even if you want to disregard the merit of my words, have you not yet witnessed first-hand the very real result of your political choices?

This won't be my final blog post, but if it was, I'd want everyone to know that I won't seek or accept their handouts (SBA loans, governments subsidies, re-careering education, etc.), and I haven't drank the kool-aid. I know you can't eat your principles, but I'd go hungry (or better yet, go to the wilderness) long before I willingly castrate my liberty.

Fuck 'em.

Adventure pix coming soon, I swear!