Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cockroaches scurry under Malkin's bright light

You've gotta love Michelle Malkin. Listening to her, you get calm rational logic. But pay attention also to the so-called hosts of these shows. It should come as no surprise that Matt Lauer and the ladies from The View are blind, mindless disciples of the O!Bummer messiah. See how they (especially the one named Joy, I think) spit bile when Malkin says unfavorable things about the Big Zero's top-to-bottom infestation of cheats, crooks and cronies in the administration. Watch her disgust as she says, "...every broken promise: transparency, accountability, ethics...failing to deliver" and then squirming in their seats to interject and derail. Listen to Whoopie a time or two and see if her "question" even sounds like a question. See if you can easily substitute the phrase, "I don't like what you're saying, so I'm going to displace what you're saying with nonsense, or so our audience members don't hear everything you say, you heretic."

First, get some of this...

Then go check out how she lays waste to Lauer. I love his "she just completely ate my lunch" look as he says, "lot of comments there, this is Today and we'll be back."

But in the 2nd half of the Lauer video, Krauthammer unifies the entire point: Obama's campaign led so many of the middle-ground voters to believe that his presidency would transcend the muck and mire and general bullshit that we've come to expect from politicians...that there would be a genuineness and wholesomeness in the White House, and that what we've gotten instead is perhaps the most corrupt and dispicable administration in history, and precisely the loathing of America preached by Reverend Wright.

Lauer said at one point, "He (meaning Obama) hasn't gotten to where he has today by being a 'racial opportunist' has he?" Well yeah, Matt. That's exactly why.

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