Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'll quickly get back to helping you question everything you've historically and erroneously accepted as fact.  But in the meantime, let me introduce you to my new favorite online magazine.  Replete with stunning photography and videography, this monthly online publication will soon become one of your favorites, too.  Kind of like National Geographic for flyfishermen: Catch Magazine.  Ehhh, sorry, that was their blog, which is good...but nothing like the magazine itself: Catch Magazine Magazine.


  1. Beautiful video. And those women were SO much better in the water than those guys!

  2. Ain't it, though? Thanks for dropping in, Creener. I've long maintained that women are better in the water, but if you mean as fly-fishers, well...that's a bold, bold statement. You may have to chat up that Austin chickie the Fly Fish Chick, for some support in that department. If you're referring to the video of the gal, she's Spey-casting, and that's a 12-foot rod. Something I could never lay crosswise o'er the creeks I generally fish, and she is far better at it than I, 'cause I ain't never done that. Right purty, though. That big stick-waving has a visual poetry that is well-captured in the brief film.

    It just occurred to me that YOU would win the "most frequent Livermush blog commenterer" award if ever there was such a thing. So, I decided to inaugurate that act. In keeping with the spirit of this post (and because I have a few of them lying on my desk this minute), I hereby award you this assortment of newly tied streamers, nymphs, dries, and terrestrials.

    I'll have them ready for you when you come for the Spring-run corn-squeezins. I do appreciate your comments and support.


  3. Wow. I'm so honored. So honored that I'll even let you keep, the......whatever they are. Can I trade them for some blueberry squeezins?