Monday, March 22, 2010

Damn These 5

According to the New York Times online, here is how your North Carolina representatives cast their allegiance yesterday.  Eight Congresspersons, including three Democrats, voted NO.  Among them are my Congresswoman.  These people may be worth keeping around, for having the courage to set themselves apart from the most-egregious power grab in the history of my country.
  1. Howard Coble (R)
  2. Virginia Foxx (R)
  3. Walter B. Jones (R)
  4. Larry Kissell (D)
  5. Patrick T. McHenry (R)
  6. Mike McIntyre (D)
  7. Sur Myrick (R)
  8. Heath Shuler (D)
On the other side of the equation are the following folks.  All Democrats, these bastards voted to shackle you with more taxes and bigger government, and less actual health care.  If these five officials had banded together, they could have thwarted the continuing erosion of Liberty.  As it is, though, they are responsible for the most crushing blow to your freedoms ever, in the history of this country.  Voting them out at the first opportunity is the least we could do.  Personally, I can't imagine a punishment, for the course they've embraced for my country, that is too sinister.  For these five, a traitor's firing squad is too good:
  1. GK Butterfield
  2. Bob Etheridge
  3. Brad Miller
  4. David E. Price
  5. Melvin Watt
Perhaps it's time to seriously consider secession.  Our representatives do not represent us.


  1. Is any democrat worth keeping around? Can they ever be trusted? Sorta like trying to domesticate a rattle snake.

  2. MX, I was listening to Mark Levin, yesterday. And the more he said, the more I came to the same realization. You are absolutely correct.

    They didn't do enough to combat this thing. They vacillated and squirmed. Which means, while liberty was hanging in the balance, they were balancing the career ramifications or playing the waiting game with the administration for their own sweetheart deal.

    And if we leave them in there, they'll cast their lot for the vile, wicked, and despicable Pelosi/Reid leadership mess.

    No sense setting our goals too low, right? Boot 'em all out!