Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Israel,

My country's Usurper In Chief does not speak for me or my country.  Do what you wish with your land; do what you wish to your enemies.  Your enemies are my enemies.

The so-called President of these United States is a Muslim, and we are learning to despise him, just as he despises you.  Do not feel guilty for your distrust of him.  We don't trust him, either.  He won't place his hand over his heart when regarding the Flag, and does not pledge his allegiance to America, because his allegiances are to those who wish our undoing, just as he wishes your undoing.

If you call me at 3AM, I will answer, and I would come help, if possible.  I still owe those bastards for what they did to 3000 of my real brethren.

Such is true for a great many of us.  Most of us, in fact.

Your friend,


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