Monday, July 2, 2012

John Roberts: Your Slavemaster

To suggest that the Chief Justice is like a plantation owner, might be a stretch.  But the visage of him as Slave-boat Captain is pretty accurate, for he's the one that last Thursday delivered you to your new owners.

Get this straight kids: The Obamacare "law" is the most unlawful monstrosity to ever come out of the legislative process in this country.  Ever.

Every facet of it is meant to expand government's intrusive reach into the lives of individuals.  Its raison d'etre is to facillitate more authority for them, and less independence for you and me.  You are not as free as you were prior to last week.  The concept of Liberty is a thing of the past.  You're no longer a citizen, and that's if you could even call yourself that last Wednesday.

You're a subject.

John Roberts pretends that he has preserved the legislative process, that it isn't/wasn't his responsibility to protect the citizens from the consequences of their bad voting-booth choices.  But the fact of the matter is that, yes, it is his job to do exactly that.

Once you and I cast our vote, we have very little legal recourse until four years hence to hold those electees accountable.  Without safety nets in place, like the US Supreme Court's duty to uphold the Consitution, those elected representatives can pass any self-serving nonsense they choose.  In fact, when it became apparent that we'd trusted the wrong sort of folks in 2010, we did our part by kicking many of them (those enablers of the more-insideous power-mongers) right out of office.

What Roberts did was far worse than simply uphold the Obamacare Law.  He validated it as a tax, and in so doing, validated the notion that the Federal Government has absolute authority to dream up any tax for any behavior or activity or lack thereof.  And for him to do that, regardless of his motivations, he had to turn a blind eye to the Framers' intent.

If you don't believe that, then please tell me: Which of those Founding Fathers would endorse Roberts' written opinion?

We didn't just tell the crooks in Washington DC to get out, back in 2010.  We told everyone involved that we didn't like what they'd foisted on us.  The Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis and Barry Obamas have pretended to not hear that message.  Obviously, John Roberts isn't listening, either.

Instead of following the Constitution, or heeding the wishes of the people, they've doubled down on their big-government schemes.

And we're forced to likewise double down on our resistance to them...

Join Americans For Prosperity.

As I mentioned above, we have pretty much lost any legal remedy to this legislation, except for perhaps the coming election.  The House & Senate have proven to us that they will gravitate toward whatever improves their power and status.  The President is the most corrupt and inept buffoon we've ever elected.  And the fail-safe backstop to protect this country's people from their government has spinelessly thumbed its nose at us.

The most despicable aspect of this is that Roberts' manipulation of the Constitution (which by the way, isn't his to manipulate), is its newly created precedent for future courts to do likewise!

I heard Rush put it this way: "It's like your neighborhood chief of police held a press conference and stood at the podium and said to you and everyone in your community, 'From now on, I'm going to be working with the bad guys...against YOU.'"

Is there any question that we are now living in a post-Constitutional America?

When your elected representatives feather their own nests, in direct opposition to your clear objections, and the President places himself above the law and due process, and his Justice Department refuses to enforce some laws, stretches the definition of others, files suit against states to support fraudulent voting processes and lies to Congress about a murderous operation, and the Supreme Court, whose basic responsibility is to uphold the US Constitution does just the opposite, ladies and gentlemen, there no longer IS a law of the land.

This upcoming election is likely to be the last one that stands any chance of being a meaningful one.

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