Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Show Me Yours...I'll Show You Mine

Lil Debbie WassermanSchultz-her-face and David (the real Darth Vader) Axelrod have recently been heard bemoaning Mitt Romney's offshore holdings.  The point indirectly (and then more directly by the Obamamedia) asserting that unless he "comes clean" about the amounts and nature of those accounts, nobody can really know what's there or isn't there.

One of the montage of talking heads Hannity played yesterday had the nerve to ask, "if he's not willing to release his past tax filings, what does he have to hide?"

Well, yeah.  That's absolutely right.  Why in the world would anyone want to hide  their own hard-earned money from a rabidly confiscatory evermore-gluttonous federal government?  Sure beats me.

If I'm Mitt Romney and get asked about it, my response would be, "I'll be happy to give you every detail about those accounts...on the two following conditions.

"All the President has to do is rescind his Executive Order over the Fast & Furious documents and cooperate fully with the Congressional investigation, and I will submit every last detail regarding those accounts, when they were opened, and how much is in them.  Furthermore, I'll even give his campaign manager the access codes for the largest of them as soon as Eric Holder is arrested for his role in the facility and ensuing coverup of Fast & Furious."

Quid Pro Quo, assholes.  After all, if he's not willing to release those documents, just as you've all said, what does he have to hide?

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