Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hot Women, Loud Guns, and Fast Cars

Just because (A) I've been way too busy keeping all my fingers in all those dikes and have precious little time for real essay, and (B), the simplicity of the Virtual President is really enough in itself, here's some Bill Whittle for your edification.

Although he didn't say it specifically, the phrase that bumped its way into my head as he delivered this speech, was "natural anarchy".  That is, our leviathan by its very nature is about to get shed like a cocoon, just because of our very nature, individually, as we gravitate toward that which is more nimble and unencumbered.  And that is, of course, unless that same government, out of its own self-preservation, ratchets up the enslavement of its people.  And let us not discount that possibility.

The only exception I take is his presumption that the North's impetus for the War Between the States, was borne of some fairy-tale pure notion of emancipation, and their (dishonest) justification in acting on those notions.  Your thoughts?

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