Friday, December 6, 2013

A Life Worth Celebrating

It took me about 15 minutes yesterday, to reach a saturation point of sappy-assed, bullshit nonsense over the Communist thug, Nelson Mandela.

Unrepentant murdering Communist thug, that is.  The one that murdered whites and blacks, not in a fight against Apartheid, but to further the religion of Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Chairman Mao, and Fidel Castro.

I remember that Liberation Theology video that Little Steven did back in the 80's, maybe early 90's: I Ain't Gonna Play Sun City, with all those left-wing moonbats.. Bruce Springboard, Bone-O, Run DMC, Bonnie Raitt, Joey Ramone, Hall & Oats, Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, Ringo Starr, Dylan, George al.  I wonder if they knew that whole "anti-Apartheid" business was a whitewash.

Instead of weepy memorials over a scoundrel like Nelson Mandela, how about we celebrate the life of an infinitely greater man.  Greater in every single way.  On today, December 6, the 124th anniversary of his death: Jefferson Davis.

Want to see a much better video than Little Steven's "We Are The Stasi" drivel?  I present for your edification, Rebel Son:

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, for at least not having the temerity to die on same day as this genuine hero.  Here's hoping that History, correcting its misdirected recent trend, keeps great men like President Davis rightfully honored, and your memory rightly despised.


  1. I saw your post over on Sister Toldjah's Mandela post. Of course had to follow your link. I, too, am already sick to death of the fawning over Mandela.

    Great blog, funny to see so many of my favorites in your "Finer Print" column!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, beachbirdie. Come back anytime, and stay as long as you like.

      Did you enjoy the Rebel Son video?

  2. Wasn't Jefferson Davis a traitor?

    1. A traitor to whom?

      The Union? To which he and his State did not belong?

      I submit to you that Mr. Davis did more to represent his constituents and more for independence, than any American president since Thomas Jefferson.

      Where did you learn that he was a traitor? And how much do you trust that source?

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. But before the Civil War, Jefferson Davis was a US soldier, sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, which states: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them..."

    Seems pretty clear cut...

  4. A) The was no "Civil" War in this country. The South didn't want to abort or abolish the Union or its Constitution. It only wanted to leave the Union to its own devices. And to trivialize this difference is to miss a very important point. Much like our current circumstance, the Federal Government had then (and incrementally continued to since) delegitimized itself. The alternative to lawful secession, the only other option to the Southern States, was subjugation. And that was unacceptable.

    B) In President Davis' own words, ""If this action is once tolerated, where will it end? Where is constitutional liberty? What strength is there in bills of rights-in limitation of power? What new hope for mankind is to be found in written constitutions, what remedy which did not exist under kings or emperors? If the doctrines thus announced by the government of the United States are conceded, then look through either end of the political telescope, and one sees only an empire, and the once famous Declaration of Independence trodden in the dust of as a "glittering generality," and the compact of the union denounced as a "flaunting lie". I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would rather leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without it. Those who submit to such consequence without resistance are not worthy the liberties and rights to which they were born, and deserve to be made slaves. Such must be the verdict of mankind."

    If your country has been usurped by a tyrant (or now a steady stream of them), is it still the same "country"? Fact of the matter is, we haven't enjoyed a Constitutional Republic since Lincoln took office.

  5. So, what, then? Armed revolution?

  6. So what then, what, Mr. Anonymous?

    Is your debating skill limited to the "shiny object strategy" that defines the Leftist's modus operandi?

    What about armed revolution? WHOSE armed revolution?

    If my response to your pointless stab is to direct you to a Garet Garrett essay on revolution (search the von Mises Institute website), will your considered rebuttal then be, "Well what about Bush!?"

    I learned some time back that debating Libturds is exactly like playing chess with a pigeon: eventually, that opponent will knock all the pieces over, shit on the board, and declare victory.

    Are you that person? Or, is there some substance to your query? Or, would you like to discuss the merits of President Davis' quote? Is your case for treason as clear cut as you presumed?

  7. Post script:

    Thanks again for visiting. I don't mind too much the debates with Libturds and pigeons (if that's what this is) so long as it's done in the light.

    The victory is not in convincing the Libturd/pigeon.

  8. Why the name-calling? Just askin'.

    I haven't stated any of my own positions. Just trying to figure out the soundness of yours.

    You've stated that Jeff Davis was not a traitor and that he was serving the interests of his constituency. But he violated the Constitution in the most overt manner possible. Specifically, he levied war against the United States. (As an aside, how well do you believe Davis served the black people in his constituency? Or, do you agree with him that black people, being property, didn't matter?)

    And if you believe in the quote you posted, what is the answer? Armed revolution? You've got quite a few posts stating that you're ready to take up arms. So when is it gonna happen? Or are you just full of hot air?

  9. The name was for the "they" in the hypothetical. A debater who doesn't state his/her opinions, but relies on the lurking straw man, is using more of the Leftist's tactics. Note, in fact, that I was careful NOT to call you names. I did point out that the style YOU use is favored by THOSE folks.

    You know what "they" say about the shoe, and how it fits, though, right?

    Jefferson Davis didn't "levy war" any more than you do when you cast a vote in the general election. You are participating in a process which you have reason to believe will have a positive outcome in your favor. The South's War was a defensive one, fought to be left alone and excluded from the Central Planning committee.

    As far as I know, Jefferson Davis loved, loved, loved black people more than Jerry Maguire ever could. You said he considered them property, not I.

    How well did he represent his black constituents? I can't say. But, I will say that his concept of Liberty fostered a culture far superior to "Honest" Abe's. Since you bring 'em up, how much better off are the "blacks" for 150 years of the North's soft bigotry of diminished expectations?

    Quite a few posts, you say? Maybe, I dunno.

    Am I ready to fight? As Sarah Palin would say, "you betcha". If Liberty was worth fighting for then, during the American Revolution, is it not worth fighting for, now? Do those chains rest so lightly upon you, that you do not notice or care?

    When is it going to happen? Good question, with lots of answers that you may not like. Short answer, we ain't gonna tell you. If you actually read the quote, you know that Davis said nothing about armed revolt. The simple answer is the same as it was then: if we are free, then we are free to leave. And we'll be taking our constitution (actually, our individual State Constitutions) with us.

    You're right in the assumption that the War Between the States was over slavery, but not racial slavery as history implies. The slavery against which the South fought was the all-powerful central, Federal government. You think we're better off, even those blacks among us, for having lost that War?

    I'm full of something, so it may as well be hot air. And I am fine with you thinking that, if it suits you.

    Spellbind us with your own insight, if you have any. We've seen your shiny object strategy and the straw man, with a dose of race-card thrown in. You've shown an ability to put words in my mouth as well as President Davis'. Speak your mind, if you have one. What do YOU think happens next?

  10. Anonymous,

    If you'd like to continue, let me suggest that you pick an identity. Anonymous comments, after a certain time, require my approval. I may tire of propping up your bar-stool.