Thursday, December 19, 2013


Looks like Phil Robertson, if you believe the tabloid news, is in "trouble" over his outspokenness.

And, if you think that his world (and that of his family) revolves around being on a teevee show, you may be inclined to agree that it's trouble, and serious.  At some point, your principles may come into dire conflict with your meal ticket.  A fortune is on the line, either subordinate your outdated, inflammatory attitudes, or Hollywood shuts off the limelight.

Phil likens homosexuality to bestiality, and the LGBT and GLAAD spin out of their orbits.  That's exactly what I've said, too (and I've also compared their perversions to pedophiles and necrophiles), but I'm not beholden to the queer-power fueled idiot box, like the Robertsons (presumably) are.

Yes, homosexuality is perverse, just like monkeying around with monkeys.

Mainstreaming and attempting to legitimize perversion is also perverse, whether you're a bigshot teevee executive, or an entire Denomination of "organized" Christianity, as well as any "leading medical organizations."  Men can say what they want about God and Science, but Nature is God, and God cannot be in conflict with Himself.  He didn't make you into a cross-dresser, or a pillow-biter, or a pig-fucker.  He gave you the freedom of choice.  You've chosen poorly.  God doesn't give a rat's ass about the State's blessing your lifestyle.  You can quit blaming your genetic disposition, and you can quit blaming God.

The pervert organizations, and those that support them like the Human Rights Campaign and A&E, will pressure Phil and his family to walk back his statements and suppress their beliefs.  I hope the queer coalition and the fruitcake lobby make a huge stink over it.  I hope the cocksucker-in-Chief weighs in on it.  This is so right up his onesie.

I've only watched the show a couple of times.  "Reality" teevee isn't quite my cup of tea.  But, everything I've seen from the Duck Dynasty guys suggests to me that their family identity preexists and outlives beyond their teevee business.  I have a feeling that the courage of their convictions will be a pleasant surprise and simple victory to those of us in flyover country. 

We shall see.

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