Friday, August 1, 2014

Crashed & Sinking: The Ship You're On

Or perhaps, the Oliphaunt...
The goal of the administration is for the local and state governments to demand federal dollars, but with federal dollars comes federal control. The ultimate aim of Obamacare wasn’t to work or function, it was to fail, thus driving America to a single-payer system. Unless one understand everything this administration does within the framework of Cloward-Piven, you cannot understand them at all.
And it's not just the "costs cascading down to the local level", as Herschel says, but also the very strategy.  The collectivists in your neighborhood and mine actively and passionately embrace the destruction of the traditional American way of life.
I know how bad it can be, because I am Whittaker Chambers, and I can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Alger Hiss.

And there's this from Ol' Remus and the Woodpile Report:
"You Can't Know Which Exit is the Last Exit"

Great line for those of you who think everything's probably going to be just fine.
The market isn't the economy, true enough, but a couple dozen trillion dollars isn't exactly budget-dust. The citizenry would see a yawning crater where their 401ks and IRAs used to be. They'd notice when their checking account is gone but their debt isn't, and when the ATM doesn't recognize their account number, or when their bank is an empty storefront and their car loan has been sold to Vinnie, or when their insurance company doesn't answer the phone. As always, people don't go nuclear until reality invites itself into their living room and defecates on the carpet. That's when things get interesting—when people notice, when they have to face what was formerly unthinkable and their only fallback is what good people they are. 
Those who drove the financial bus off a cliff know the controls still work fine—the brakes and accelerator and steering wheel, all of 'em, but when the rubber isn't on the road the effect just ain't the same. But all that "driving" stuff keeps the passengers from panicking. We've seen the grandest larceny in all history. Now, after we've been cleaned out, we know the wacko conspiracy guys were right. In fact we're worse than cleaned out, the place has been turned into a debtor's prison from sea to shining sea.
What might happen, if we get a stroke of luck and God sees fit to Bless us in this coming excitement?  We'll ride Leviathan's downward crash like Legolas on one of those battle-elephants, ripping arrow after arrow from our quivers and darting them into the eyeballs of every last Orc in sight...
"93, 94, ..."

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