Monday, August 4, 2014

Jason Lewis Quits On Air?

H/T to NC Renegade-

I love it.
I've always liked Jason, even though I've disagreed with him a couple of times.  In a world of media folks (on our side) who fail to live up to their rhetoric, Jason proves willing to cast off his "brand" to the moochers in favor of his independence.  Let the parasites have it.  See how long they survive with the blood-flow cut off.  Good for him.
Go to the Jason Lewis Show website, and you'll be directed to Galt.IO, where you can join him.  There, you can also watch a 15min video about his decision to quit and about Galt.IO, which I won't embed immediately because I think he'd prefer you watch it there.  You don't have to join to watch the video.  Worth your 15 minutes and then some.
See you in the Gulch.

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