Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LiveBlogging From Wake Baptist Spa & Resort

I've got the Jacuzzi suite and scoring high on the hot nurse scale.  So, it could be much worse.

First, new Woodpile, chock full o' goodness.

Bracken to be on Alex Jones today at 1300 Eastern.  That's where I'll be.

For A-Ron, some new stuff from The Captain's Journal (also H/T to Bracken), which will further sicken you about the lack of Benghazi response.  Key phrase: "knowingly abandoned"  Come on back around, we'll chat more.

Listening to Johnny Paycheck's (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone to Kill

I'll do the happy dance if I hear about these cops getting their very own Little Big Horn.

Aesop has the right idea, and a great closing video.  I'm not quite "waiting" patiently, though.

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