Monday, November 14, 2016

You Can Even Claim It Was Your Idea

That is an idea whose time has only once before been more ripe for the picking:

I know this election has been painful for you. Many feel betrayed and even believe yourselves no longer living in the country you thought you were. Reflect on that pain and frustration for a moment. Now recognize how you feel now is how an equally large, possibly larger, number felt for the past eight years. Those who are of a liberty bent feel it all the time, no matter who ends up in office. Reflect on it, feel it, understand it, own it.

Before you get the wrong idea, this is not my attempt at rubbing in your face the loss of your candidate or an endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump. If anything, I share your pain and frustration, just for an entirely different reason. What you’re feeling, this hopelessness, this feeling that you’re no longer represented, this feeling that people other than you are now able to dictate your way of life, this is all a result of the massive expansion of the Federal government. Elections have long ceased being voting for someone you think represents the lifestyle you want to live and are, in practice, an exercise on determining whether or not you get to impose your preferred lifestyle on someone else.

It's a 400HP, 80MPG gas burning internal combustion hot rod, that we'll help you build.  Then, you'll own it all your own selves.

Justin Murray at Mises Institute.

Can't say I agree wholly with the notion of erasing all the internal lines, though.  Thoughts?

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