Saturday, August 14, 2010


Freckles and I had tentatively planned on going to the Crawdads' game last night, but talked ourselves out of it.  The scheduled fireworks would have been fun, but sitting through the 18-4 drubbing...not so much.

So, instead, we watched part of a game on the TeeVee last night.  And were treated to two sportscasting gems!  Without naming names:

1) Pitcher tosses a big overhand curve, which the umpire calls a strike, and the catcher snags just above the dirt in front of him.  The previous pitch, another curve, had bounced in the dirt in front of the catcher and gotten away, allowing the runner on first to advance to second.  Announcer #1 (also known as Master of the Obvious #1) says, "If he'd not caught that one, it would have bounced on the ground."

As if everyone would have expected the ball to circle the globe?


2) A shot from the blimp shows the sunset over the river, and the announcer, seemingly in an attempt to upstage his partner's MOTO moment says, "That is, I believe, a view toward the West end of town."

The implication, I suppose, is that if you were fast enough, you could run to the next town and the sunset would still be in the East.

And to think we'd have missed that.

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