Monday, August 9, 2010

If You Build It...

...Bigoted Crackers will come.

As you well know, there's been a raging debate over this proposed Mosque in NY city, very near the site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, also known as "Ground Zero." And recently, I found myself in a mudsling over in the comment section of perhaps my most-favorite blog, Flopping Aces.

It seems, other commenters may have resorted to some unsavory name-calling, and one of the regular contributors felt justified in returning the favor by posting an article which effectively lumped all opposition to the Mosque into the category of "Islamophobes."  The author also coined the term "conspiRACISTS" in his article, ostensibly to belittle anyone who didn't subscribe to his extreme notion of tolerance.

One other contributor took umbrage to the labeling, and he, Mike's America, is now an ex-contributor.  Two other contributors defended the race-hustling author.  One called me a bigot.  I hope I recover.

I never even voiced specific opposition to the construction, and don't believe the argument is one over the applicability of our Constitution, but over the protections our country should afford its citizens in a time of war, and even the very definition of who that enemy is.

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass if your game involves labeling me.  I'm unaffected.  I figured some others might be swayed by your condescending tone, though, so I pushed back.  Most folks still avoid being labeled racist at all costs, and that's why the liberal media plays that card every couple weeks.  I expect it from Olbermann and Matthews and CNN and ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS, and so I distance myself from those nitwits.

Similarly, I'm now convinced that some of the authors at FA have pissed away my loyalty.  You'd lost your argument when you lost your audience.  Calling 92% of those readers "Islamophobes" will do that.

Those same regular authors like to refer to themselves as "conservative."  If you're among a legitimate group of conservatives (Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin), which of them would ever use the term "Islamophobe"?  Which of them would cringe, instead?

I enjoyed what Jeffrey Jena had to say about the proposed Mosque, though:

If this group of Muslims own this property then I must defend their right to do all that is legal with that property. If they think their actions will somehow raise tolerance for their sect they are sadly mistaken. If they want to be crappy neighbors then I would love to see New York do the same right back at them.
My first suggestion would be for Mayor Bloomberg to zone the area around the mosque for strip clubs and legalized street walking. Assign policemen of Jewish heritage to answer all calls at the Mosque. Schedule the gay pride parade to circle the block several times, if possible right at prayer hour. Allow as many street vendors as would like them licenses to sell pork sandwiches and “medicinal” marijuana in that area. My final suggestion would be to have the city tear up the side walks around the building and repave them with a nice mixture of Portland Cement and bacon fat.
Or, the Cordoba House masonry subcontractor could just run some livermush in with the mortar, and every brick laid becomes a big "Fuck you too, Mohammed".

Tolerance is a fine thing, taken in moderation.  Recently though, the very overextension of tolerance, in fear of being labeled intolerant, has gotten lots of good Americans killed.  I'd be an Islamophobe long before I'd be an enabler or a victim.

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