Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Freshly Minted

In the spirit of coining new terms of aspersion, like Islamophobia and ConspiRACIST, as a manner of degrading oppositional argument, I was already prepared to submit this one:

ISLAMOPHAG- One who endorthes toluhwanth above all elth.

But then, I learned this morning from Uncle Jimbo that Greg Gutfeld has investors lined up for an actual Islamophag establishment; one that seeks to play off the GZ Mosque's purported theme of unity.  UJ's favorite new name for Gutfield's Gay Bar for Muslims is Mohammed's Man Meet.

Fucking classic.

How about Mo-HOMOed's?  That's maybe too convoluted.

Towel-Heads & Pillow-Biters has a pleasant ring to it, no?

How about Let's Sharia My Prayer Rug?

All the "bouncers" should wear the official Bin Ladin coveralls, you know, the style with the padded knees and the zipper in the back.

Other suggestions?


Ann Coulter's site is on board with more ideas, including -

Shiite Faced
Al Queerda
Holey War
Rahm Emanuel

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